Thursday, December 24, 2009

It has been like For-Eh-Ver since i've been on here!

A lot has happened this past year.

I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Till later...Ü

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Knows.

Ive never really thought much about conspiracy theories.

Elvis is still alive. Possible. The life insurance policy has never been collected upon according to some Elvis program i watched once. Why was it never collected upon even when Graceland was in such debt?

JFK. Was Oswald really smart enough to do that alone? And what about Ruby? But ya gotta be pretty stupid to shoot a president. Especially one that everyone loved so much.

The Moon Landing. Today is the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. I was 6 years old at the time and i vaguely remember that happening. I remember my first day of kindergarten more clearer. But the moon landing was a really proud day for us wasnt it? But did it happen? I always thought it did. But why havent we gone back? Why..after 40 years are there not rocketship rides and vacation homes on the moon like they promised us? I mean...i have my Tang and dehidrated neopolitan ice cream ready to go an everything! And on that subject...wheres my flying car? Its 2009 for goodness sakes!

And that whole Cryogen thing. I thought Micheal Jackson was suppose to freeze himself right along there with Walt Disney. What happened to that?

We never get anything we're promised!

I believe Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Its part of history. It did happen.

Didnt it?

Till Later...: )

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hah Ree Pottah..

I took my oldest Granddaughter to see the new Harry Potter movie last night.
I bought my tickets online and it was a good thing because by the time we got to the theater the movie was sold out.
If you are a Harry Potter fan you may want to stop reading. If you arent a Harry Potter fan you probably wont even care. But i gotta say..the movie was just ok for me.

This is the 6th Harry Potter movie from the 6th Harry Potter book and i have to say they really veered from the book. I have always bragged about how these movies really stick to the book but this one just left out a lot of crucial characters and story lines and added a bunch of stuff and moved things around choronologically.

They burned down the Weasley's house! What the heck was that all about? That wasnt even in the book. It seemed to me that they focused a lot on the adolescent romance than anything else. All kinds of "snogging" going on.

My 11 year old granddaughter has all of a sudden become boy crazy.
Every time Rupert Grint came on the screen she would say "oh my God he is so hot".

Oh My God my granddaughter is attracted to red haired English men!

It must be the accent. Gets us American girls everytime!

Till Later...; )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm sad.
I'm never going to get out of this mood.
I dont even think its a mood.
I dont know what it is.
I keep trying to get out of this funk.
I have no one that i can really open up and talk to about this.
I have lots of friends but why would i burden them.
Nothing makes me truely smile anymore.
I take that back. This old lady comedian on America's Got Talent made me smile.
She made me actually laugh from deep down in my gut.
She was funny.
But that show only comes on twice a week.
Someone asked me once if my name was Apron Boobs Face or Dave.
That made me laugh an old familiar laugh.
I took my kids to an outdoor musical last night.
We saw "Meet Me In St Louis".
There was real shooting up to the sky fireworks at the end.
That made me smile.
My kids make me smile a lot.
But thats different.
They dont know how sad i really am.
I dont want them to know.

I am so sad.
I miss my sister.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Its raining like crazy outside so taking the kids downtown to the 4th of July parade is out of the question.
They're still sleeping anyway.
I like it when its quiet.
I also like it when it rains on the 4th of July.
Not all day of course.
Just enough to wet the ground just in case a bit of fireworks get out of hand.

Brandi over at Excess Baggage is an awesome writer and has an awesome 4th of July entry!
Check it out.

Everyone Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Till Later :o)

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Tanky...The Ar Teest.

My daughter has this fancy schmancy cell phone that is all touch.
She has this one feature on it that allows you to draw pictures.
You can even draw on photos that you have taken with the phone.
My grandson loves this feature.
He likes to take the camera and draw cute little pictures.
He drew Spongebob.

He drew bowling pins and a bowling ball on a bowling lane...

He even drew a picture of his mom...

But the picture that cracked me up the most was the one he drew on his baby sister's photo...


He's such a little stinker!

Till Later... :o)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My eyeballs hurt.

Im not sure if its from the heat or all the television coverage on Michael Jackson. It really is a shame that he died before his comeback tour. No matter what people think of him or what he may have or have not done he truely was an unbelievable talent. He just got kinda weird after the "Thriller" album.

My eyeballs hurt.
I think i just need bifocals.
I hate getting old.


Till Later....;o)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet??

Yesterday my oldest granddaughter and i were driving home from somewhere and stopped at a stoplight. The windows were down because the weather was so beautifully pleasant. We were listening to Kelly Clarkson blare out her latest tune "My Life Would Suck Without You", when we noticed the guy in the car next to us. He was in a sleek blue sports car, I'm not sure what kind of car it was but it was pretty. He was quiet handsome and a little rugged at the same time. He had his window down as well and we could hear the beat of the music coming from his radio. We couldnt quite make out the song or the lyrics because our music was so loud but it sounded kind of like New Wave Techno. I turned down my radio to see what he was listenting to. As we sat there and listened to his song the light turned green and he zoomed away. My granddaughter and i just sat there looking at each other and then cracked up all the way home.

He was listenting to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

They just wanna have fu-un!!!

Till Later... :o)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have you ever thought, "What the heck?" and then felt really stupid for being so open?

This makes two times for me in the past 5 years.

What the heck??

Make that three.

Till Later...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Oldie But a Goodie.

I was going thru my old AOL journal entries and found this one. It made me laugh. I needed a good laugh. Hope you enjoy it.

Over The Rainbow

The Wizard of Oz was on the other night.

Have you ever really stopped and thought about this movie?

It really was all Totos fault that Dorothy got into the trouble she got into.

Think about it....

Toto got the crazy towns lady mad.

Crazy towns lady took Toto who promptly got away.

Dorothy runs away so Toto doesnt get sent up the river and winds up getting caught up in a Twister.

Dorothy and Toto spin round and round in her little black and white house then end up in a land of phsychadelic Munchkins where she kills a bad witch with her house and gets the bad gals ruby slippers from a good witch only to have the bad witches' sister, Wickeder witch come gunning for her thru out the land of yellow brick roads and talking scarecrows and walking tinmans and cowardly lions.

"I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog toooo!"

Dorothy battles talking trees and sleep induced flowers only to be confronted by a fake wizard that Toto exposes and then gets kidnapped by a bunch of flying monkeys!

The broom she was instructed to get was a scam. The wizard was a scam. The Scarecrow really did have a brain. The Tinman had a heart and the Cowardly Lion showed his courage.

The only good thing outta infiltrating the witchs' castle was that when the witch melted, those funky monkeys turned into real soldiers who had been trapped by the wicked witchs' spell. Hail Dorothy!

When the fake wizard tells Dorothy that she can hitch a ride to Kansas with him in his hot air balloon, she jumps at the chance! But then Toto takes off and she runs after him and the hot air balloon takes off and he cant steer it to come back for Dorothy.

Drats! That dang dog!

But wait!

Glinda the good witch appears and tells Dorothy that she has always had the power to go back to Kansas. She didnt tell her before because Dorothy had to learn it for herself.

Ok, so now all she has to do is click her heels together, close her eyes and say...

"Theres no place like home. Theres no place like home..."

What kinda hippie haze was Dorothy in? Was Toto really a metaphor for some hyped up hippie crank?

If not...well this is where i would have punched Glinda in the nose and got back to Kansas and had Toto fixed.

"Toto....i dont think we're in Kansas anymore..."

Till later...Ü

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ex Has Three Ex's

Now if they all lived in Texas we might have a song.

If any of you read my old AOL blog you might remember a couple years back when my exhusband got remarried. He married this gal he had been seeing for a while and she seemed really nice. She got along with everyone including me, the ex wife. They got married and had a Harley wedding. Remember now? Everyone was to come dressed in Harley Davidson attire. They even invited me. I didnt go.

Well...about a month ago. The same day my sister died to be exact, she left him. Didnt tell him though. Just up and left. And took 9 grand with her. He didnt even know she left until she didnt show up to work. He owns a business and she works for him. He tried to reach her on the phone but she wouldnt answer. Finally she talked to him and told her she wasnt coming back. She left Illinois and ended up in Mississippi. She called him one night and told him that she was all alone on the beach and she was lonely. She was trying to make him feel bad. WTF? Of course i get all this info from my daughter who he now confides everything in. According to his soon to be ex wife's daughters she does this every five years. Hooks up with a guy with a little bit of loot, stays with them for about five years and then splits. He said he wished someone would have told him that five years ago.

His ex wives irritate me. I mean come on! Wife #2 got the house and a car and a boat outta the divorce. Wife #3 got everything she ever wanted when she was married to him. And wife #1 (me) didnt get shit. I got a housefull of used hand me down furniture and $35.00 a week child support. I paid for everything else that my kid needed. He couldnt even help her with a car these past few years when he knew i had one vehicle and we were trying to transport 7 people around.
But i digress.
I kinda feel sorry for him.
Poor guy.
He just cant find the right woman.

Till Later..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too Much Carnival At The End Of The Day

When i woke up about 2 hours ago i thought it was 2:30 in the morning.
It wasnt. It was about 10:00 at night. We had a really long day today. It was school carnival day and we spent most of the entire day there. Then the kids went to thier grandpa's house for a birthday party so when they got home they were pretty tired. We all fell asleep early. The kids fell asleep before 9:00 pm while they were watching a movie and i went and layed down for a minute in my room. Next thing i know i am being woken up by my middle granddaughter coughing. She had layed down next to me sometime while i was sleeping.I woke to her throwing up all over the sheets on my bed. She was covered from her head to her waist in puke.She had a little too much carnival. With only a funnel cake and a snow cone in her stomach earlier and riding all those jerky rides i guess it was inevitable. I got her up out of bed and into the shower. I contemplated washing the sheets but decided that the clothes she was wearing and the sheets on the bed were colateral damage so i threw them in a trash bag and out the back door by the trash bins. I had to scrub the spot on my bed with clorox bleach wipes and got her clean clothes and put her back to bed.
So here i am awake. I just cleaned up a pukey mess, am sunburned across my face, arms, neck and feet and have just remembered that i bought a gallon of vanilla ice cream and have no idea where it is!
Oh and i think i have an eyelash in my eyeball!
My oldest grandgirlie and all her 5th grade classmates volunteered for a booth at the school carnival.
The pie throwing booth.
They were the targets.
My grandgirlie is in the middle.

Till Later...:o)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Is it just me or does everyone have tons of crap saved to thier favorites?

Today i decided it was time to get rid of some of the useless stuff i have saved in my favorites. I knew there was a lot of stuff but i didnt realize just how much stuff ( aka crap ) that i have saved in there.
What the hell? That recipe sounds kinda gross.
Or how about this WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - WHITE & NERDY LYRICS. The title describes me to a T.
Or this one The Official Leif Garrett Website. Yes. I was in love with the now balding ex actor ex musician (?). I'd still date him if he asked me.

Same thing with these guys Unofficial Absolute Bay City Rollers website. I was in love with Woody. At the age of 14 when my dad asked me who my favorite was and i showed him a picture he said "He's a pretty boy isnt he." I didnt get it till years later.
Then there was this
I bought HP Sauce and Marmite once at a World Market in my area. The HP sauce was ok but the Marmite looked like tar and tasted really salty. Yuk!
How bout this one...Paul Revere's Ride
Then there are the GAZILLION AOL journal links i have in my favorites that link me to nowhere.
I use to analyze dreams...Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary
And i use to look for George Where's George? ® 2.2
And what the heck??Gift Idea:
I remember this...Magic Roundabout
Everyone needs a good Halloween Trick or Treating joke..Kids' riddles - Halloween jokes - Online spooky games and crafts -
I will never live or visit one of these in my life...Castles of Britain
We always need to know this..General Theory of Relativity
Interested in some daily news? Home - LA Daily News
I need to delete all that stuff but i really doubt i'll get around to it. I'm exhausted now just from going thru it all!
Maybe i'll just make myself a drink and order some small clothing items online.
Till Later...Ü

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks Delores.
~Terry :o)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank You..

I just want to Thank You all for your kind words of comfort.
My sister will be greatly missed.


A Letter.

Dear You..
I'm not really doing well. Emotionally that is. On the outside i look like i'm handling my sister's death pretty well. But on the inside, i really am not. I think i'm just in shock. It's hit me but then it really hasnt. She was in the hospital over a week before she died so its almost like she is still in the hospital. But i know she isnt coming home. Please dont ever send me to that hospital if i ever get sick. Yeah i know its close and yeah my doctor's have privilages there, but please. Dont send me there if i get sick. I dont think those night nurses know what they are doing. The night Laura died we signed an authorization form to have an autopsy done because she had been in the hospital over a week and they still didnt know why she went into respiratory distress. The next day,Friday, they called my sister-in-law and told her that they had been trying to reach us since yesterday and couldnt get a hold of us. Hmm. Interesting. They have my home number my cell number my daughter's cell number my brothers cell number my sister-in-laws cell number and couldnt get us till mid Friday morning? Interesting. Apparently, we signed a consent for surgery form and not an autopsy form. Um. No i didnt. I read that form, my brother read that form, my sister-in-law read that form. It was an autopsy form. She says "Oh know how they are down there. They are SOO picky." Yeah thats what she said. So i went back in there and signed a different form. I got a copy of that form. So Saturday comes and we have a Memorial Service for my sister in the funeral home chapel. It was a very nice ceremony. Me and my daughter and my two oldest grandgirlies stood up in front of everybody and said a few words about Laura. We had a nice tribute board full of pictures of her and bright yellow flowers because yellow was her favorite color. Sunday was Easter and then i was off on Monday. I woke to a phone call and a voice mail. The message was from a private autopsy guy who said there was a confusion about some forms from the hospital and he wanted to know if we still wanted the autopsy. What??? So i called him. Had to leave a message. I then called the hospital to check on it. I called the CCU and spoke to someone i think was a unit secretary and she said she had just sent those autopsy papers down today. I then spoke to the charge nurse who just happened to be the nurse that had me resign the papers and she in her same attitude said..oh you know how they are down there. I told her that i wanted a hospital autopsy and not a private autopsy and she said Oh its the same thing. Thats just what they call it. So i call down to pathology. I speak to a girl who then transfers me to a doctor who says this..."Um, since there was no one here over the weekend those papers didnt get to us until today and um..they assumed you didnt want the autopsy done so your sister's body isnt here. She was sent to the funeral home." WHAT!?! My sister is being cremated. The doctor said she would call a doctor and have him call me and she will call the funeral home. I immediatly called the funeral home to see if my sister was there. She is. I tell them there was a mix up and we are still wanting an autopsy. They tell me they will not do anything until they hear from me. I then call the private autopsy guy and he tells me that a private autopsy will cost approx $3200.00 up front. He says that a hospital autopsy would be free but it has to be authorized by the attending physician. He said it use to be that 2 family members need only to sign a form to have that done but now a physician also has to sign. He was very nice and very compassionate about the whole thing. So then i was on a mission. I spent my Monday off trying to locate a physician to sign this. Her pulmonary doctor was gone till the next wednesday. How appropriate. And his associates that also seen her in the hospital were gone as well. So i called back to the hospital and spoke to someone in Medical Records who looked in the chart and gave me a name and number of another doctor. I spoke to that doctor who was very nice. He said he was just the internal med doctor and wasnt sure about the procedure as to signing for an autopsy. I told him that i feel as if my sister is being disrespected with all the mishaps going on.He said he wasnt the doctor in charge of my sister's care. He said that one of the pulmonary doctors that treated her was chief of staff of this hospital so he would contact him and have someone call me back. I had yet to recieve a call back from anyone as of Tuesday. My daughter suggested i call the critical care doctor that called me the morning before my sister died. I still had his cell number. Good Idea. I called him. Told him everything that had and has been happening and he was the one who actually got the ball rolling. He called the Chief of Staff who authorized a limited autopsy. The private autopsy guy called me back in less than an hour to tell me that it was good news. He would still do the autopsy but the hospital was going to pay for it. No charge to us. He would also go to the funeral home and do it there. That was Tuesday. It is now Sunday and i still havent gotten the results yet. I need to call the pulmonary doctor tomorrow. I also need to see if the death certificate has been signed. Nothing more can be done until that is signed. So my sister is still at the funeral home down the street. Safe and sound the funeral home tells me.
Ive been thinking some really weird things. When my mother died it was really hard on me but with my sister dying it has really hit me hard. She was my best friend. We lived together since my daughter was 4 years old.My sister was 9 years older than me. I realized now that Im going to be alone for the rest of my life. I know i have these kids and my daughter but emotionally im going to be alone. My sister was the one i talked to about everything. I could be irrational and stupid and it was ok because she knew i was just being irrational and stupid. But now i have to keep my game face 24/7. No one knew me like my sister knew me. My friends and coworkers have been awesome thru all this. Jeff has been great too. But its still just not the same.
Life as i have known it is over. Im only 46 years old. How am i going to do this?

Your Friend,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Call

Have you ever just dreaded getting that call?
Doesnt matter who its from. Its the one thats always bad news.
Ive been getting a lot of those calls this week.
My sister has been in the hospital for about 12 days. She was pretty healthy except for her breathing. She was on oxygen 24 hours a day and was a diabetic. It didnt stop her. She got around ok and was very relied upon for many things.
The first call came last Friday AM. The doctor called to say that he didnt think she was going to make it thru this incident. She was put on a ventilator and her stats were steadily getting worse.
Then the next call came late Saturday night. The weekend doctor didnt think she was going to make it thru the night.
They kept asking us if we wanted them to do CPR if her heart stopped.
She doesnt want to die!
Then the next call came Tuesday morning. I couldnt call them back. I called my sister-in-law to call them. I couldnt handle any more bad news. It was just the same thing. Her stats werent any better and the outlook wasnt good.

I went to see her last night. I held her hand and talked to her. She was heavily sedated so i dont know if she heard me but i still talked to her. I told her we all loved her and that we were going to make sure they figured out what was going on with her. (They really didnt know. A nurse mentioned an inflamed gallbladder but at this point it was too risky to do surgery). I told her that i had it on NBC so she could hear Wheel Of Fortune. I told her funny stories about the kids. I rubbed her forhead and pushed back her hair. I stayed for a while and then i left.
I wish i would have stayed.
Because i got that call.
At about 1:30 this morning. It woke me up but i didnt get to the phone before it stopped ringing.
The message said that Laura had an "incident" tonight and that they needed me to call. So i called immediately.
"This is Terry, Laura's sister. Someone just called me?"
"Oh..Yes. (calm like she was talking to a co worker tone of voice) Your sister's heart stopped and they are doing CPR on her right now. Do you want us to continue CPR".
"Oh!? Yes! Do everything you can!"
"Ok then. (to someone else) You want to talk to her?Oh Ok."
"(Stern woman voice) Miss Fox your sister's heart has stopped and we are doing CPR do you want us to continue?"
"We've been doing it for 15-20 minutes. We will continue for only 10 more minutes. Will you be on your way here?"
I met my brother and sister-in-law in the hospital parking lot and went in.
We walked in and a nurse said "here's the family".
We were greeted by a nurse and a minister. No doctor. Where was the doctor? Did they leave the life or death decision to the nurses?
"We're sorry to have to tell you......"
My sister-in-law went in and seen my sister. I couldnt. I asked her how she looked and she just shook her head. I didnt go in. Neither did my brother. He couldnt. Finding my mother and giving her CPR was too fresh of a memory for him.
A doctor never came in to see us. We ordered an autopsy.
The hospital missed something.
When my sister went into the hospital she was having some breathing difficulties. Her heart was fine. All her organs were fine.
The doctors never could give us a straight answer as to why she went down hill so fast.

My sister is gone. I havent told the kids yet. It still seems so unreal.
I dont know what i'm going to do without her.

Till Later...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Please Pray For My Sister Laura

My sister is not doing very well. Her pulmonary doctor told me yesterday that she may not survive this. They have her on a ventilator. They say its pnuemonia. Its weird because her symptoms seem real close to Dannity's when she was sick in December. They have put her on some heavy duty steroids and we are told we will know if they are working by the end of the weekend.
I pray that they work. She's my best friend. I cant lose her.

Till Later...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar...

Have ya ever had one of those days weeks months years?

Well i'm having one of those.

Here's an example of days weeks. The movie trailer would read: You'll laugh you'll cry you'll run like hell.

Last week my daughter got word that her step-nephew was in a bad state of health. He'd been sick for a while with some sort of cancer and the hospice nurses were there. It was going to be anytime. He's only 21. Very sweet kid. So she gets the call a couple days later that he had passed.

She now has to make plans and arrangements to go down there to the funeral. He lives in Arkansas and its about a 5 hour drive from St Louis. She gets a little money every other week from one of the kids' father's so she was depending on that to rent a car to get down there. As the week progressed several obstacles presented themselves. I call them signs. Signs that she should not go.

1. My windshield wiper on the drivers side doesnt work very well. Intermittently when it is raining and they are turned on it will fly off the side of the car and just dangle there. And there were severe thunderstorms predicted for the area she was traveling to.

2. My daughter was having an anxiety attack. Had it for three days straight. I can understand a small amount of anxiety but she only had herself to get ready. I was getting the kids' things together.Only the two oldest were going.I was making sure everything was ready.

3. She received only $10.00 of her child support. What? It was suppose to be waay more than that.

4. The boy was getting sick. He rarely gets sick.

5. My sister was getting sick. She just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago feeling great. But she was now all of a sudden not feeling well.

6. Littlest Grandgirlie was getting sick. She had a runny nose and some major coughing. Remember the last time she went out of town what had happened?

7. There was a major snow storm predicted for our area this weekend. Huh? What time of the year is it?? Predicting all around us up to 15 inches of snow. Us getting 2-5 inches when it was all said and done.

8. Her friend that knows this boy also was going to go with my daughter. This girl was able to cover all her work hours for the weekend except for two hours that were in the middle of the day. Her boss told her if she went she wouldnt have a job to come back to. Come on! Its only two hours! Weird right?

9. Then there was that weird feeling i got. I get those feelings sometimes. I usually run with them. Especially since the one time i had a weird feeling about letting my daughter go to a slumber party when she was about 10 years old. All the girls in her class were invited to it. I got a lot of grief out of that one. That is until we found out that my 10 year old niece that had went to that party had fallen off the balcony at the party and broke both of her arms.

But nothing was changing my daughters mind. She needed to go to this funeral. She borrowed some money and rented a car. I got the girls all packed. She was all packed. She just needed to get some sleep and be up by 4:30am to do the girls' hair and meet the other family member by 6:00am and follow them down.No problem.

The baby kept us all up until 2:00am because she wasnt feeling well. Meanwhile my sister is suffering in silence because she cant breath. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day and she still was having trouble breathing. The baby finally fell asleep around 2am and we all went to bed. I woke to daylight and my daughter was still home. It was 7am. She said she spoke to the family she was going to follow and they werent going because of the weather. The kids still needed to get up and get thier hair done and they needed to leave soon to get to the funeral by 2pm. After a lot of heavy thinking my daughter decided not to go and called down to Arkansas. They said maybe it was a good thing she didnt come with the girls because a bunch of the young people have been drinking and they are all acting like fools. My daughter cried all morning because she felt like she needed to be there but she wasnt going. I told her i was having one of those feelings about her going and she said she was too. Her friend that was suppose to go was having that same feeling. Meanwhile my sister is getting worse. She wants an ambulance to come get her. Instead we helped her to the car and we got to the hospital and now she is in the intensive care unit at the hospital. She is having respiratory distress. They arent sure what it is. They hear fluid on her lungs but dont know if its pneumonia. Her heart is fine. She just cant breath. And she's hungry! They have this bipap mask on her face and she cant eat anything! She cant wait for that thing to come off so she can eat!

And my house is a mess! Four kids and a daughter left alone to create havoc while i was at the hospital! One of the kids woke up and said who trashed the house? and the rest of the kids. And i have my friend Jeff coming into town in two days! Omgosh this house is a mess! And i have to go to the hospital later! What am i doing sitting here typing this story?? I have work to do!

Oh. By the way. I woke up to just a dusting of snow. I wonder what our feelings of not going was all about? Maybe it was my sister.

I hope next week is better. It should be. Jeff's coming over!

Till Later... :o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am One Challenged Individual...

Technically challenged that is.

Here's my list in no particular order:

My computer does funky things and then just shuts off. What the?
Then i have to call my friend (insert frustrated sarcasm) and embarrassingly tell him that my computer doesnt work. Again. "What ya do to it" "I dont know" "Bring it over". And then its fixed in like a day. He's a mechanic by trade. Other times I will just leave my computer off for about a month and then miraculously when i turn it on it will work! (like this last time).

My Cell phone has a janked up battery. It can be charged fully with all the bars but when i make a phone call i can barely have a 5 minute conversation before it dies on me! But then when its off it will charge itself and give me a couple bars long enough for me to text my last caller and tell them my battery died. I guess i could get another battery but that costs money.

My digital camera is ok i guess. Its an expensive camera but i cant figure out all the gadgety settings. Its pretty self explanatory but like i said...challenged. Right now i have a ton of pics on there but i cant find my cord to download them on the computer. I know its around here somewhere. I put it on top of my dresser but its gone now. Those rascally kids!

And which way is it again that i face the letterhead when i put it in the printer to print a letter? Dang. Wrong again.

And why is it that whenever i go to the coffee machine at work that the French Vanilla Cappuccino stuff is out and i have to fill it? Who's got the key again?

And why is it that when i go to the soda fountain at work (Yeah. We have fountain soda at work and its free! Woohoo Doctormans!) is the Diet Coke ALWAYS out and i have to change it? I dont even like Diet Coke!

(This is becoming a bitch session)

I cant even figure out the defrost in my car. Is it cold outside heat inside blowing? Or is it cold outside and cold blowing? Or do i just roll down my window?? I get the defrost to work for me but i think its just stupid luck.

And speaking of luck....does anyone have a four leaf clover? It is Friday the 13th ya know! Thats two in two months! Eeeek!

Till Later...:o)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was looking around Blogsville and found a couple of blogs that may interest some of you old AOL Journalers.
The links to them are below.
They are blogs that old AOL J-Landers have now.
A lot of the old Journals we use to read are on there.
I thought maybe some of you would be interested in finding some of those
old Journal writers.

J-land Central

from jland to blogger

Till Later...:o)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Weather and Yesterday's Star

The weather here is so weird! But its typical and i'm use to it.

It was almost 80 degrees here in St Louis yesterday with thunderstorms and today, right now, it's 29 degrees and its going to get colder. Let's just hope that it doesnt snow. Ugh!

Yesterday was my daughter's big day. She was an extra in George Clooney's next movie called "Up In The Air". George plays a corporate executive type that flies around the country firing people. He's wanting to be the first person to reach a million frequent flyer miles but his job grounds him. Its a comedy and i'm not sure what else the movie is about but its based on a book. Go google it.

My daughter got an email about a week ago telling her that she would be playing a corporate executive type.She would be going downtown to the Ballpark Hilton and that she was to wear corporate clothing. Power suits. No loud prints or colors. And to accessorize expensively. They told her not to go out and buy anything. To wear one thing and bring two extra outfits. Their wardrobe department would check them out and accommodate them if need be and to bring a briefcase.

So my daughter wore a really classy dark grey suit and packed two others in a garment bag. She brought two extra pairs of shoes and a bunch of accessories. When she got there she signed in. She had to sign a non disclosure form so i cant really tell you what the scene is about, ya know, just in case those Hollywood people are reading my blog. She said she then had to stand in three lines. The first line was the wardrobe line. In this line they checked out your clothes to see if you looked appropriate for the scene. She said they were telling men to change their ties. A woman showing cleavage had to button her shirt all the way up and wear a scarf. My daughter got up there and they told her she looked fine. So she went into the next line that checked for makeup. She got to the front of the line and they told her her makeup was good. So she went into the next line that checked your hair and the woman checking her told her she looked perfect. This suit my daughter had on was very classy with a little trendy twist. It has dark gray slacks and the jacket comes down to her knees. It has a collar and three buttons that buttoned over her chest and just at her waist and then hung open all the way down. She looked really sharp.

So about 11:30 i texted her. I text, "How's it going, Movie Star?" She text me back, ""Good. I just practiced the scene & he was there & he's funny he was crackin jokes".

Eeeek! George was there!! I think i showed that text to everyone in my office!

She told me later that when they all went to lunch, which was catered in, George was in there with the extras eating his lunch. How cool is that! She said his demeanor is just like we see in the movies. She said he was really nice and that he caught her eye three times!

I just wanna know if he smelled good!

She gets paid minimum wage and time and a half after 8 hours. The payment comes out of L.A. So she's gonna have to wait probably about three weeks before she gets her check.

But who cares! She was in a movie with George Clooney!!!

Till Later....:o)

Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm hungry.
There is a brand new fresh gallon of cold cold cold milk in the refrigerator and there is nothing to drink it with.
There are no more Girl Scout cookies. I did cut back this year on the amount that i normally buy.
There arent any vanilla sandwich cookies either (my most favorite!). There is no cereal. Well..there are Cherrios but i'm just not in the mood for Cherrios. Argh! I want some cookies!

I had an awful day today.
Cookies would be nice.
Milk and cookies make me smile.
I like milk and cookies.
Cold milk and vanilla sandwich cookies make me happy.
I'm going to bed.
Till Later....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Are You Sleeping Brother Tank?

It's just about 4:30 in the morning and my Grandson is awake. In fact he was awake watching cartoons on TV when i woke up at 3:30. This has been going on for the past week. He is right now running a pathway from me in one room to the living room couch in another room.
Spongebob is on the television and everytime he comes in here to me i get a complete rundown of what Spongebob and his friends are doing. He is on a first name basis with Spongebob. He calls him Bobby.
I had a full basket of white clean clothes that needed to be folded sitting in the living room. It is now on my living room floor and apparently was being used as a cusion for him to jump off the couch and land on. He is now wrestling a very large stuffed Shrek. He just came in here with a bicycle horn he had in his toybox. He said he is not suppose to put it to his ear and blow it because his mommy told him if he did that it would make him go blind. (silly!). He is talking 90 to nothing and is now doing hurdles over my turned over laundry basket.

Apparently he has been getting up and drinking the canned soda his mother has in the refrigerator.

I need to go. I feel the need for an intervention.

Till later...:o)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's All In The Attire

I work in a doctor's office so our dress code is scrubs.

Everyone wear's scrubs.
The girls at the front desk. The girls at check out. The nurses. The transcriptionists. The Medical Record clerks. The Appointment girls.
And my department.
The best and most revered department of all.

The Insurance/Billing department.

I could type on here everthing that i do but it would sound like a resume.

So. Our dress code use to be really cool. It was still scrubs but we could wear whatever color or pattern we wanted. We all looked so colorful. Then about two years ago we got a new office manager. Cool guy. Into changing things for the better. But about a year ago he changed our scrub colors.
To navy blue and white. The main color being navy. So my typical attire now is a white scrub top and navy scrub bottoms with white tennis shoes. A lot of people complained but ya can't beat free and working in your jammies.

So. This week my sister has been in the hospital. The hospital has a dress code as well. Different colored scrubs for different departments. The nurses all happen to wear navy scrub bottoms and white tops.


So each day that i went to visit my sister i would get smiles from other workers who would make small chit chat. "too nice of a day to be going into work", "what floor do you work on?" I hate when people think that i'm a nurse. I's kinda cool but...I'm not a nurse.

I've worked at my current job for 12 years so it's been happening to me for years.

About 8 years ago my mother was put in a rehab center because she got all screwed up on her medication. She was on some heavy duty pain meds that she shouldnt have been on. So she was put in this rehab center to get weened off these meds. It was on our local hospital campus and they called it a mental facility.
The floor that my mother was on in this facility was locked. You would go to the floor and they would have to buzz you in.
People that they felt were a danger to themselves would wear scrubs.
Teal scrubs.
My mother didnt have to wear scrubs but some people did. I would take my lunch break and go visit her everyday.

I remember one day i went to visit her.
I spent my lunch time there and then it was time to leave. It was really easy to get turned around in there and i always got confused as to which way to go when i got off the elevator on the main floor.

As i was leaving that day i got on the elevator to go down with another couple. They were leaving as well. I struck up a conversation with them asking them which way would i go to get to the front doors when i got off the elevator. They were looking at me really strangely. I thought that very odd. I was being polite. But i kept on talking saying how i always got turned around in this place. They never really spoke to me. They told me to go right, i think. When we got off the elevator they just kind of took off. Weirdos. Some people are just so anti social.

I left the building and got in my car and started to leave.

I realized i was wearing teal scrubs!
I laughed so hard i cried!

I guess they thought i was trying to escape!

Till Later...:o)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week was a crazy busy week!
The work week went by fast but come Friday it was crazy!

First, oldest grandgirlie was in a Variety Show at her school. Her and her friend did a dance routine to the song, "Hot n Cold". Then when we left the school after the variety show we stopped in the school office to pick up middle grandgirlie's class hamster. Yes. A hamster. It was her weekend to bring it home. I remember when my daughter brought the class hamster home when she was about 8. She so graciously volunteered to take it home over the Christmas holiday which was normally about a week. But we had a really big snow/ice storm right before they went back to school so they were out of school another week! We had that darn hamster for two weeks! We had to go out and buy it food and new cage lining! Ugh! So this weekend i was having flash backs. They predicted snow for Saturday. Luckily it was just a light dusting and the skies were blue all weekend. This morning we take it back to school. Its a cute little thing. Black and white. The class named it Oreo. Wierd. Thats the name of our dog.

Then Saturday morning my sister said she wasnt feeling well. She was having trouble breathing and her chest hurt. I took her to the emergency room at the hospital and sat in there from start to finish about 11 hours. They admitted her and i finally left there about 1am.
They are running tests on her and are stabalizing her breathing.

So that was my week. I do have to add that yesterday my daughter worked and i watched the kids and cleaned my house. I did laundry and made dinner. I woke up this morning and my living room is a mess. The room where this computer is is a mess and my bottles of cooking spices are not where they should be and are on my counter and on my kitchen table. Some have actually been dumped out and are mixed together. My Grandson is in big trouble.

Ok so now i must go get ready for work. Take the hamster and kids back to school and get to work. My daughter offered to cook some steaks tonight. I cant wait.

Till Later.... :o)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentine's Day just as much as the next guy but sometimes i think its a little overrated. I've got a thing about someone spending a lot of money on me, partly because i dont have the funds to reciprocate like i use to and it makes me a little sad.

This past week the kids had thier Valentine's parties at school. Remember when we were kids and we would make some really cool Valentine's boxes to hold the valentine's we traded at school? They were mostly made out of a shoe box, aluminumn foil and red construction paper but they were still cool. I remember when my daughter was in school and she made a box, along with my help, that looked like a computer monitor with a keyboard. The screen read Happy Valentines day. Now THAT was cool! So this year we were trying to figure out what to make for the girls. Last year they just had a red gift bag that they decorated so this year they wanted something different. I get this Family Fun magazine that Parents magazine puts out and in it it had this really cute idea. It was a cracker box made to look like a school locker. So we made those. They were so easy to make and they turned out really cute! I have tons of scrapbooking stuff so the girls were able to find all kinds of things to decorate the boxes with. Oldest girlie is really into the Twilight series books and movie so she took a picture of Robert Pattinson (who plays the main character in the movie) and put it in a little frame and hung it on the inside of her "locker" door. That Robert Pattinson is a little cutie patootie!

On Wednesday i got a Valentine's card in the mail from my friend Jeff. (i dont like to say boyfriend...cuz he's not a boy). I was happy with that. It was very sweet. He loves me ya know. But then on Thursday at work they page overhead for me to come to the front desk. Im the kind of person that doesnt like attention drawn to myself so after having been paged to the front desk the long walk there is like doing a striptease. "whoo hoo Terry got something", "Yea Terry!" "Terry got something!" "woop! woop!" Arent we all adults here? Jeez. So i get my box and go back to my desk. Flowers come in boxes these days ya know. Yep. He sent me flowers! A cute rose plant in a beautiful woven basket. He loves me ya know.
Other girls got flowers that day and the place smelled lovely. Then Friday came and more names called to the front. More flowers in boxes all around. Then they call my name again. Huh? So i go back to the front desk. "Terry you got more flowers?" "Dang girl!" "Whatya get? Whatya get?" "woop! woop!". Ugh. So i get to the front desk and there is another box. I take it downstairs and its a Vermont Bear! Soo cute! Smiles on my face again! Its from Jeff. He loves me ya know.

I sent him candy and a card.
Woop Woop.

Till Later...:o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

And The Beat Goes On

Ya know...
I think i used to be clever.
I think i used to be inspired.
Some days i think my brain is just a big ol pile of mush that sometimes i feel like i just cant think straight.
Or maybe i AM thinking straight its just that i'm standing on my head.

Sometimes i think..has 46 years of my life really passed by?
You can see it on my face.
When did i get that line between my brows?
I remember.
I use to call that my Carlos line.
What a waste of a knitted brow.
And those dark circles under my eyes?
Must be all those sleepless nights, past, present and future.
What about my hair?
Was it really THAT long ago when i grew it out and am i still really trying to decide what to do with it??

We were talking the other day about getting older.
My friend said 50 was going to be tough for her.
Because in her own words, "At fifty, you're just about done." I laughed so hard when she said that because..... i think thats true.

Life use to make me laugh.
I use to find the funny in everyday things.
Not so much anymore.

But thats a secret.
No one knows that but you.
So shhhh.

And i keep trudging on.

Till Later...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I See Stars. I See Mars. You Know The Rest...

George Clooney is coming to town!!
He's going to be filming a movie here called "Up In The Air". Why they picked St Louis to shoot almost the entire film in i dont have a clue. We've had like 3 movies filmed here. Well, thats an exageration. Like maybe 1. Not really. There's been some but i dont think like an entire movie!


They had this gigantinormous casting call a few weeks ago because they are going to need a bunch of extra in the film. My daughter went to this casting call. She had to bring a recent snapshot of herself and fill out this short application we downloaded off some website.
She had to stand in this really long line all day. When it was finally her turn they called her and her friend in together. They sat down and talked to some casting people who basically looked at thier application and picture then asked a couple question. They gave her a piece of paper and told her that if they could use her they would call her in the next week.

Well.. she didnt get a call that next week so, here, three weeks almost a month later...

She gets a call from the casting agent!
They asked her if she was available on March 10th.


She accepted and they told her they would email her around the 3rd of March to let her know where she needed to be and what she needed to wear! She'll get paid about $56 bucks for 8 hours work and then some overtime if she's still needed. They told her it could be a 10-12 hour work day.

Whooo hoooo!

My daughter is going to be in a movie with George Clooney!!!

She'll probably be extra number 1589 in the airport terminal mingling around with a bunch of other extras. But who cares! She's in a movie with George Clooney!!

Wouldnt it be cool if she was extra 1799. Girl sitting next to George Clooney on plane??


Till Later... :o)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That's Old!

The other day my middle Grandgirlie and i were talking about her birthday that's coming up next month. She's going to be 8. We were trying to decide what we were going to do for her birthday. (We have it narrowed down to Chuck E Cheese or Ice Skating). We started discussing candles on the cake. When the kids are little we put exactly the number of candles for thier year plus one to grow on.When ya get old like me we just use the number candles. So Middle Girlie says to me...

"Grandma, when i'm a hundred years old are you going to put a hundred birthday candles on my cake or are you going to use those number candles?"

My response?

" Well Kiddo, probably a one and a zero and a zero candle. But considering i'll be 139 years old at that time i dont think im gonna be there."

She started laughing..."Yeah...i'll probably use the number candles".

Here she is at her birthday party when she was 4.

Our little princess...

Till Later :o)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music, Speeches and Piles Of Big White Fluffy Stuff...

My oldest grandaughter is in an Honor Choir in her school district. It consist of select 5th grade students from each elementary school in the district. I think there are about 4 elementaries in the district. Last night was thier performance. I video'd one of the songs and tried to download it on here but i couldnt get it to work. I will work on that and share it with you all later. The Middle schools and the High Schools performed as well. On the drive home all the girls could talk about was how "hot" the middle school and high school boys were. As we were sitting there watching the older kids perform i realized my oldest girlie would be going to school with some of these kids next year! Eeek! When did she grow up!!

This evening i have a project for myself. I need to write a little something about Dannity and her illness and our experience with getting her baptized. The Pastor of the church wants me to stand up in front of the congregation and say some words about our experience. I'm not much of a public speaker but i think i need to do it. Wish me well.
It snowed last week. I hate snow.
I missed 2 days of work because of it and on the 3rd day when i went back, even though MODOT did a great job clearing the snow, the roads i take still had some snow on them. I'm a backroads kinda girl.

Here are some pictures for your amusement...err i mean enjoyment.

Below is looking out my front door.

Looking up the steet on the sidewalk in front of my house.

Looking up my street.

I got stuck in the snow trying to pull out of my parking spot and i got stuck way up there in that intersection. Fun times...

Till Later....: )

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Made Chili For Today. Want Some?

I'm not much of a football fan.
I'm more of a baseball kinda fanatic so today's SuperBowl game doesnt really interest me.
The only real interest i have is the half time show. I'm suppose to get a call when thats on. What time is it by the way?
I'm also interested in the score at the end of each quarter and the final score of course. I played some football pool at work. I dont really get it but to my understanding, if Pittsburgh has a 9 as its last score number and Arizona has a 6 (those are my numbers) i could win some serious money. Like $25. bucks! But apparently because of my numbers it would have to be a field goal game? Well that sure doesnt sound like a winner to me. There goes my $2. bucks right down the drain! I'm rootin' for the Arizona Cardinals. Only because of thier name...Cardinals and Kurt Warner is on the team. He use to be with the St Louis Rams ya know when they won the (hehe i almost typed World Series...sheesh)..Super Bowl a buncha years ago. I jumped on the football bandwagon then. Yessiree. I went as far as to buy myself a really cool Rams sweatshirt and some blue and gold football beads. I was stylin baby! I still love that sweatshirt, man. Its the warmest one i got. I sure get some comments though when i wear it. Mostly people complaining because the Rams are really sucky this year. Oh well. There's always next year.

And then i also love to watch the SuperBowl game because of the commercials. The one commercial that still cracks me up, though it never gets shown, is the Bud Light commercial. It starts off backstage of the 2004 halftime show. You know... the "wardrobe malfunction" halftime show. The one where Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's top and her boob popped out with this big old gold star positioned in just the right spot. Well in the commercial there is a bucket of Bud Light on ice sitting backstage and some guy carrying in flowers walks past it. He puts down the flowers and picks up a BudLight and he looks around for something to open it with. He see's Janet's wardrobe laying over a chair and he uses it to open the beer only to have the wardrobe rip. He tries taping it back together using a little spit. Then he walks away...and we see the half of her top fall open. I think it was clever and hilarious!

Ok so i just got my call. Its almost half time and the end score numbers are 7 and 7. Yeah. Im not gonna win.
Oh Well...
There's always next year...

Till Later....: )

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Some Pictures...

Dannity went into the hospital on Thanksgiving day and was home on Christmas Eve. We had some very worriesome days that month. We were so concerned at one point that we had the Pastor come in and baptise her. I wasnt sure if i wanted to share some of these pictures here on this blog but decided that i should. Thank you so so very much for all your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and i believe it really did help.
From the bottom of my heart....Thank you!

We were sooo sooo worried about her!

She would always have a smile for her brother and sisters!

When she would look at us...or any adult...her expression would be..."What do you want?" I think she was tired of all the poking the medical people were doing!

She celebrated her First Birthday in the hospital.

The other day when this picture was taken it was suppose to be about the crazy Elvis curl my daughter gave her but after we looked at the picture, the cute little expression of her face overpowers anything else in the picture!
This is our little Dannity!
We are so happy that you are home!!

Till Later......: )

Friday, January 9, 2009


Dannity is doing just fine. She keeps getting better and better every day!

I'm still having modem problems with my computer at home so i am typing this at work on my lunch break. I have a lot to tell everyone. A lot has happened in the last month. I had an interesting visit at my home from a police office one day. I could write about that here on my lunch break but the girl that sits at the desk behind me keeps calling me over to her desk to look at her pictures in her email. Every Day. So soon i will tell you that story. But not from here.

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I turned 46 on New Years Eve.
Am i really this old????

Till Later....Ü