Thursday, February 12, 2009

I See Stars. I See Mars. You Know The Rest...

George Clooney is coming to town!!
He's going to be filming a movie here called "Up In The Air". Why they picked St Louis to shoot almost the entire film in i dont have a clue. We've had like 3 movies filmed here. Well, thats an exageration. Like maybe 1. Not really. There's been some but i dont think like an entire movie!


They had this gigantinormous casting call a few weeks ago because they are going to need a bunch of extra in the film. My daughter went to this casting call. She had to bring a recent snapshot of herself and fill out this short application we downloaded off some website.
She had to stand in this really long line all day. When it was finally her turn they called her and her friend in together. They sat down and talked to some casting people who basically looked at thier application and picture then asked a couple question. They gave her a piece of paper and told her that if they could use her they would call her in the next week.

Well.. she didnt get a call that next week so, here, three weeks almost a month later...

She gets a call from the casting agent!
They asked her if she was available on March 10th.


She accepted and they told her they would email her around the 3rd of March to let her know where she needed to be and what she needed to wear! She'll get paid about $56 bucks for 8 hours work and then some overtime if she's still needed. They told her it could be a 10-12 hour work day.

Whooo hoooo!

My daughter is going to be in a movie with George Clooney!!!

She'll probably be extra number 1589 in the airport terminal mingling around with a bunch of other extras. But who cares! She's in a movie with George Clooney!!

Wouldnt it be cool if she was extra 1799. Girl sitting next to George Clooney on plane??


Till Later... :o)


Indigo said...

How Cool is that! (Hugs)Indigo

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Does she like George Clooney or is just the Mum? I think he is quite tasty myself!

sparkx said...

phwoooar, do you think if I sent you a photo with my number on the back she could slip it in his pocket, cos I'm sure he would phone me. He would, wouldn't he?