Sunday, March 29, 2009

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar...

Have ya ever had one of those days weeks months years?

Well i'm having one of those.

Here's an example of days weeks. The movie trailer would read: You'll laugh you'll cry you'll run like hell.

Last week my daughter got word that her step-nephew was in a bad state of health. He'd been sick for a while with some sort of cancer and the hospice nurses were there. It was going to be anytime. He's only 21. Very sweet kid. So she gets the call a couple days later that he had passed.

She now has to make plans and arrangements to go down there to the funeral. He lives in Arkansas and its about a 5 hour drive from St Louis. She gets a little money every other week from one of the kids' father's so she was depending on that to rent a car to get down there. As the week progressed several obstacles presented themselves. I call them signs. Signs that she should not go.

1. My windshield wiper on the drivers side doesnt work very well. Intermittently when it is raining and they are turned on it will fly off the side of the car and just dangle there. And there were severe thunderstorms predicted for the area she was traveling to.

2. My daughter was having an anxiety attack. Had it for three days straight. I can understand a small amount of anxiety but she only had herself to get ready. I was getting the kids' things together.Only the two oldest were going.I was making sure everything was ready.

3. She received only $10.00 of her child support. What? It was suppose to be waay more than that.

4. The boy was getting sick. He rarely gets sick.

5. My sister was getting sick. She just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago feeling great. But she was now all of a sudden not feeling well.

6. Littlest Grandgirlie was getting sick. She had a runny nose and some major coughing. Remember the last time she went out of town what had happened?

7. There was a major snow storm predicted for our area this weekend. Huh? What time of the year is it?? Predicting all around us up to 15 inches of snow. Us getting 2-5 inches when it was all said and done.

8. Her friend that knows this boy also was going to go with my daughter. This girl was able to cover all her work hours for the weekend except for two hours that were in the middle of the day. Her boss told her if she went she wouldnt have a job to come back to. Come on! Its only two hours! Weird right?

9. Then there was that weird feeling i got. I get those feelings sometimes. I usually run with them. Especially since the one time i had a weird feeling about letting my daughter go to a slumber party when she was about 10 years old. All the girls in her class were invited to it. I got a lot of grief out of that one. That is until we found out that my 10 year old niece that had went to that party had fallen off the balcony at the party and broke both of her arms.

But nothing was changing my daughters mind. She needed to go to this funeral. She borrowed some money and rented a car. I got the girls all packed. She was all packed. She just needed to get some sleep and be up by 4:30am to do the girls' hair and meet the other family member by 6:00am and follow them down.No problem.

The baby kept us all up until 2:00am because she wasnt feeling well. Meanwhile my sister is suffering in silence because she cant breath. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day and she still was having trouble breathing. The baby finally fell asleep around 2am and we all went to bed. I woke to daylight and my daughter was still home. It was 7am. She said she spoke to the family she was going to follow and they werent going because of the weather. The kids still needed to get up and get thier hair done and they needed to leave soon to get to the funeral by 2pm. After a lot of heavy thinking my daughter decided not to go and called down to Arkansas. They said maybe it was a good thing she didnt come with the girls because a bunch of the young people have been drinking and they are all acting like fools. My daughter cried all morning because she felt like she needed to be there but she wasnt going. I told her i was having one of those feelings about her going and she said she was too. Her friend that was suppose to go was having that same feeling. Meanwhile my sister is getting worse. She wants an ambulance to come get her. Instead we helped her to the car and we got to the hospital and now she is in the intensive care unit at the hospital. She is having respiratory distress. They arent sure what it is. They hear fluid on her lungs but dont know if its pneumonia. Her heart is fine. She just cant breath. And she's hungry! They have this bipap mask on her face and she cant eat anything! She cant wait for that thing to come off so she can eat!

And my house is a mess! Four kids and a daughter left alone to create havoc while i was at the hospital! One of the kids woke up and said who trashed the house? and the rest of the kids. And i have my friend Jeff coming into town in two days! Omgosh this house is a mess! And i have to go to the hospital later! What am i doing sitting here typing this story?? I have work to do!

Oh. By the way. I woke up to just a dusting of snow. I wonder what our feelings of not going was all about? Maybe it was my sister.

I hope next week is better. It should be. Jeff's coming over!

Till Later... :o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am One Challenged Individual...

Technically challenged that is.

Here's my list in no particular order:

My computer does funky things and then just shuts off. What the?
Then i have to call my friend (insert frustrated sarcasm) and embarrassingly tell him that my computer doesnt work. Again. "What ya do to it" "I dont know" "Bring it over". And then its fixed in like a day. He's a mechanic by trade. Other times I will just leave my computer off for about a month and then miraculously when i turn it on it will work! (like this last time).

My Cell phone has a janked up battery. It can be charged fully with all the bars but when i make a phone call i can barely have a 5 minute conversation before it dies on me! But then when its off it will charge itself and give me a couple bars long enough for me to text my last caller and tell them my battery died. I guess i could get another battery but that costs money.

My digital camera is ok i guess. Its an expensive camera but i cant figure out all the gadgety settings. Its pretty self explanatory but like i said...challenged. Right now i have a ton of pics on there but i cant find my cord to download them on the computer. I know its around here somewhere. I put it on top of my dresser but its gone now. Those rascally kids!

And which way is it again that i face the letterhead when i put it in the printer to print a letter? Dang. Wrong again.

And why is it that whenever i go to the coffee machine at work that the French Vanilla Cappuccino stuff is out and i have to fill it? Who's got the key again?

And why is it that when i go to the soda fountain at work (Yeah. We have fountain soda at work and its free! Woohoo Doctormans!) is the Diet Coke ALWAYS out and i have to change it? I dont even like Diet Coke!

(This is becoming a bitch session)

I cant even figure out the defrost in my car. Is it cold outside heat inside blowing? Or is it cold outside and cold blowing? Or do i just roll down my window?? I get the defrost to work for me but i think its just stupid luck.

And speaking of luck....does anyone have a four leaf clover? It is Friday the 13th ya know! Thats two in two months! Eeeek!

Till Later...:o)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was looking around Blogsville and found a couple of blogs that may interest some of you old AOL Journalers.
The links to them are below.
They are blogs that old AOL J-Landers have now.
A lot of the old Journals we use to read are on there.
I thought maybe some of you would be interested in finding some of those
old Journal writers.

J-land Central

from jland to blogger

Till Later...:o)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Weather and Yesterday's Star

The weather here is so weird! But its typical and i'm use to it.

It was almost 80 degrees here in St Louis yesterday with thunderstorms and today, right now, it's 29 degrees and its going to get colder. Let's just hope that it doesnt snow. Ugh!

Yesterday was my daughter's big day. She was an extra in George Clooney's next movie called "Up In The Air". George plays a corporate executive type that flies around the country firing people. He's wanting to be the first person to reach a million frequent flyer miles but his job grounds him. Its a comedy and i'm not sure what else the movie is about but its based on a book. Go google it.

My daughter got an email about a week ago telling her that she would be playing a corporate executive type.She would be going downtown to the Ballpark Hilton and that she was to wear corporate clothing. Power suits. No loud prints or colors. And to accessorize expensively. They told her not to go out and buy anything. To wear one thing and bring two extra outfits. Their wardrobe department would check them out and accommodate them if need be and to bring a briefcase.

So my daughter wore a really classy dark grey suit and packed two others in a garment bag. She brought two extra pairs of shoes and a bunch of accessories. When she got there she signed in. She had to sign a non disclosure form so i cant really tell you what the scene is about, ya know, just in case those Hollywood people are reading my blog. She said she then had to stand in three lines. The first line was the wardrobe line. In this line they checked out your clothes to see if you looked appropriate for the scene. She said they were telling men to change their ties. A woman showing cleavage had to button her shirt all the way up and wear a scarf. My daughter got up there and they told her she looked fine. So she went into the next line that checked for makeup. She got to the front of the line and they told her her makeup was good. So she went into the next line that checked your hair and the woman checking her told her she looked perfect. This suit my daughter had on was very classy with a little trendy twist. It has dark gray slacks and the jacket comes down to her knees. It has a collar and three buttons that buttoned over her chest and just at her waist and then hung open all the way down. She looked really sharp.

So about 11:30 i texted her. I text, "How's it going, Movie Star?" She text me back, ""Good. I just practiced the scene & he was there & he's funny he was crackin jokes".

Eeeek! George was there!! I think i showed that text to everyone in my office!

She told me later that when they all went to lunch, which was catered in, George was in there with the extras eating his lunch. How cool is that! She said his demeanor is just like we see in the movies. She said he was really nice and that he caught her eye three times!

I just wanna know if he smelled good!

She gets paid minimum wage and time and a half after 8 hours. The payment comes out of L.A. So she's gonna have to wait probably about three weeks before she gets her check.

But who cares! She was in a movie with George Clooney!!!

Till Later....:o)

Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm hungry.
There is a brand new fresh gallon of cold cold cold milk in the refrigerator and there is nothing to drink it with.
There are no more Girl Scout cookies. I did cut back this year on the amount that i normally buy.
There arent any vanilla sandwich cookies either (my most favorite!). There is no cereal. Well..there are Cherrios but i'm just not in the mood for Cherrios. Argh! I want some cookies!

I had an awful day today.
Cookies would be nice.
Milk and cookies make me smile.
I like milk and cookies.
Cold milk and vanilla sandwich cookies make me happy.
I'm going to bed.
Till Later....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Are You Sleeping Brother Tank?

It's just about 4:30 in the morning and my Grandson is awake. In fact he was awake watching cartoons on TV when i woke up at 3:30. This has been going on for the past week. He is right now running a pathway from me in one room to the living room couch in another room.
Spongebob is on the television and everytime he comes in here to me i get a complete rundown of what Spongebob and his friends are doing. He is on a first name basis with Spongebob. He calls him Bobby.
I had a full basket of white clean clothes that needed to be folded sitting in the living room. It is now on my living room floor and apparently was being used as a cusion for him to jump off the couch and land on. He is now wrestling a very large stuffed Shrek. He just came in here with a bicycle horn he had in his toybox. He said he is not suppose to put it to his ear and blow it because his mommy told him if he did that it would make him go blind. (silly!). He is talking 90 to nothing and is now doing hurdles over my turned over laundry basket.

Apparently he has been getting up and drinking the canned soda his mother has in the refrigerator.

I need to go. I feel the need for an intervention.

Till later...:o)