Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm hungry.
There is a brand new fresh gallon of cold cold cold milk in the refrigerator and there is nothing to drink it with.
There are no more Girl Scout cookies. I did cut back this year on the amount that i normally buy.
There arent any vanilla sandwich cookies either (my most favorite!). There is no cereal. Well..there are Cherrios but i'm just not in the mood for Cherrios. Argh! I want some cookies!

I had an awful day today.
Cookies would be nice.
Milk and cookies make me smile.
I like milk and cookies.
Cold milk and vanilla sandwich cookies make me happy.
I'm going to bed.
Till Later....


sparkx said...

oh my God, that's hell on earth, cold milk and no cookies, I just couldn't survive!
I am lucky, at the supermarket I work in we have a whole heap of freshly baked cookies, white choc chip, double belgium choc chip, oh all sorts, I always stock up
sorry, not helping am I!
x lynbo x

Anonymous said...

Well hunny.........I have some girl scout cookies in my car. 3 boxes actually. The married couple on my bowling team accidently left them last Thursday and I had planned on giving em to them this Thursday, but I could keep em and put them in my suitcase for when I come to visit ya. Let me know. ;) Jeffy