Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Weather and Yesterday's Star

The weather here is so weird! But its typical and i'm use to it.

It was almost 80 degrees here in St Louis yesterday with thunderstorms and today, right now, it's 29 degrees and its going to get colder. Let's just hope that it doesnt snow. Ugh!

Yesterday was my daughter's big day. She was an extra in George Clooney's next movie called "Up In The Air". George plays a corporate executive type that flies around the country firing people. He's wanting to be the first person to reach a million frequent flyer miles but his job grounds him. Its a comedy and i'm not sure what else the movie is about but its based on a book. Go google it.

My daughter got an email about a week ago telling her that she would be playing a corporate executive type.She would be going downtown to the Ballpark Hilton and that she was to wear corporate clothing. Power suits. No loud prints or colors. And to accessorize expensively. They told her not to go out and buy anything. To wear one thing and bring two extra outfits. Their wardrobe department would check them out and accommodate them if need be and to bring a briefcase.

So my daughter wore a really classy dark grey suit and packed two others in a garment bag. She brought two extra pairs of shoes and a bunch of accessories. When she got there she signed in. She had to sign a non disclosure form so i cant really tell you what the scene is about, ya know, just in case those Hollywood people are reading my blog. She said she then had to stand in three lines. The first line was the wardrobe line. In this line they checked out your clothes to see if you looked appropriate for the scene. She said they were telling men to change their ties. A woman showing cleavage had to button her shirt all the way up and wear a scarf. My daughter got up there and they told her she looked fine. So she went into the next line that checked for makeup. She got to the front of the line and they told her her makeup was good. So she went into the next line that checked your hair and the woman checking her told her she looked perfect. This suit my daughter had on was very classy with a little trendy twist. It has dark gray slacks and the jacket comes down to her knees. It has a collar and three buttons that buttoned over her chest and just at her waist and then hung open all the way down. She looked really sharp.

So about 11:30 i texted her. I text, "How's it going, Movie Star?" She text me back, ""Good. I just practiced the scene & he was there & he's funny he was crackin jokes".

Eeeek! George was there!! I think i showed that text to everyone in my office!

She told me later that when they all went to lunch, which was catered in, George was in there with the extras eating his lunch. How cool is that! She said his demeanor is just like we see in the movies. She said he was really nice and that he caught her eye three times!

I just wanna know if he smelled good!

She gets paid minimum wage and time and a half after 8 hours. The payment comes out of L.A. So she's gonna have to wait probably about three weeks before she gets her check.

But who cares! She was in a movie with George Clooney!!!

Till Later....:o)


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is a lucky gal!

Odd Mom Out said...

I think being in the room with George is payment enough! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

That is way cool!!!!!! She's now a movie star. I will definitely need to see this movie. As for the check. I can stop by the studio if ya wish and bring ya's the check quicker than ya might get it in the mail. I'll be there in 20 days and the check will be there when? Woohoo.......20 days and counting down......sure can't wait to see ya hunny!!!! xoxoxo Love you, Jeffy :)

Anonymous said...

Thats cool. Will have to look at for that on DVD when it comes out then wave at the TV when she is on.
Best to watch it on DVD. I think waving in the cinema is banned :o)