Friday, October 31, 2008

If I Wasn't Such A Procrastinator...

AOL Sucks!
But you all already know that.

Just now....
A few minutes ago......(actually earlier today about 10:30 am)
As i was finishing up saving my private journal....

Stoopid Stoopid AOL cut me off and this ~~~>People Connection Blog: AIM Community Network
site appeared in place of my journal. Thank God i only had a month left of that journal to save. It was the first month of my ever journalling on AOL but thats what i get for procrastinating.

Dont you think if AOL says that AOL journals is closing on 10/31/08 they would alteast give you till Midnight?? Ugh i want to say a dirty word!!

So now if you click on a link to an AOL journal you will get the above link or this ~>This page contains information regarding the shutdown of AOL Hometown and Journals (blogs) - AOL.

I have a feeling AOL is getting rid of its features and then are going to tell us they are closing thier doors except for email sevices. Mark my work. I betcha.

MSN is looking more and more attractive as the days go by.

Till Later...

Monday, October 27, 2008

You're Driving Me Ape!

My office is getting new carpeting throughout the place and my office manager asked us if anyone wanted the plants that were in the waiting room. I marked my name down as yes, not really remembering what the plants looked like. Ive been there for almost 12 years and i dont remember what the plants look like in the waiting room! Dang i must keep busy!

So i was one of the lucky one's to get a plant. I picked a potted palm tree. Its Beeyoooteeful! It has four stalks and is very unique looking. I just brought it into the house tonight because we are expecting our first heavy freeze.

I was sitting here at the computer in this room with this big ol tree behind me and my little grandson comes in here and looks at me with his big cheesey grin and says...

Can i climb it like a monkey???

No you cannot climb it like a monkey!

So he proceeds to climb it like a monkey.

I have such control over these kids.

Till Later....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Did The Mash...We Did The Monster Mash...

This past Saturday night i took my two oldest girlies to The 7th Annual Grant’s Farm Halloween thing. Grants Farm is typically a daytime attraction in our area. You take a 15-20 minute tram ride thru several acres of land full of all types of animals, deer,bison,antelopes, buffalo, oreo cookie cows...then they drop you off in this huge area where the kids can feed the goats or you can watch a bird show or an elephant show then go to the beer garden and eat and the adults can have a free complimentary Budweiser. (its the Busch family property and owned by Anheuser-Busch soon to be known as InBev something or other). But since its Halloween time they have it all decorated for the holiday and the event is held after dark.

So i took the girls. Little man would have been frightened. I can barely take him down the Halloween aisle at any given store without him shaking and crying. This Grants Farm Halloween thing turned out to be pretty cool. My oldest grandgirlie loves scarey stuff. Little girlie...not so much. Older girlie wanted to sit in the middle on the tram. Little girlie ended up in the middle but I had to stretch my arms all around the big scaredy cat!

We get on the tram and they turn off the lights and begin to tell a spooky story about a Mad Scientist. Ghosts and things are hanging down from trees and fake fog and freaky strobe lights are everywhere. We get to the middle of nowhere in the dark in the middle of all these acres of land and we have to stop the tram. Deer are running across the road and there are big long horned steer all over the place. I could have reached out the side of this thing and patted one on the head and pulled its horn. I think i may have been a little scared. I actually thought....would it be faster to run to the end of this trip or just sit here amongst all the Spidermen and Fairy Princesses and take my chance? I took my chance. We finally made it to the goats and the Mad Scientist show and worked our way around to the free beer...err....i mean the courtyard where they had pushed all the tables back and had a DJ and a huge dance area. We met up with a friend of older grandgirlies who was there with his parents. The DJ played The Monster Mash and the theme song to SpiderMan and they did the twist and the Cha Cha Slide and they even played some Hannah Montana stuff and we danced and danced. At one point a very lifelike Frankentein got out in the middle of the dance circle, recruited some adults and then did the duck dance. Then they played the Love Shack by the B52's and me and all the other adults were singing and dancing. At the end of the song when they say.."Your what??? Tin roooof....busted!" my granddaughter and her friend were amazed that we knew that. Probably cuz we were old she said. Thanks..

Fianlly...before we left all of a sudden i see my brother rushing towards me. He and his four kids...thier spouses and all his 10 grandkids were there. We hung out for a while and then we all left together.

All in all we had a really fun time. It cost $20.00 bucks to park but it was free to get in. I think it was worth it.
When we got home we had some hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream.
Whatta way to end a scarey night!

Till Later....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons Dont Forget To Stamp The Checks!

Yesterday came and i still hadnt felt the shoe drop on the loud disagreement i had with my co-worker. I just knew i would hear something. I just knew that it would get all blown out of proportion to make this co worker look good. But i heard nothing.
So yesterday i casually brought it up to my supervisor. I asked her if she had heard about what happened between me and this girl. She genuinely said she hadnt. I have known my supervisor for 12 years so i could tell that she wasnt pretending not to know. So i told her what happened. She said that maybe this other girl knew she was in the wrong so thats probably why she didnt say anything.

But she did tell me that she came to her and told her that i had forgotten to stamp the back of the checks one day.

Oh brother...

See what i mean...


Till Later...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's 2:30 am. What The Heck Am I Doing Up?

Today was one of those days.
(When i say today i really mean yesterday. Technically thats really Wednesday but since i havent been to sleep yet for the sake of confusion we will call this today).
Today was one of those days.

I was late for work.
I ironed my clothes in semi-dark and when i got to work i realized the white top i had on had some sort of stain on it. So i had to wear my scrub jacket all day.
I had an excruciating headache where it hurt so bad i thought i would either cry or my head would explode.
And i got into a petty disagreement with a co worker who one would describe as a complainer who thinks everyone does everything wrong and thinks she is perfect and who would blow everything out of proportion to the boss to make herself look good.

I have worked at this job for almost 12 years and with this co-worker for almost as long. She's not a supervisor. She does the same job as me. We have not seen eye to eye for years but to keep my sanity and peace in the room i ignore her. Not typically ignore her but just ignore the things that irritate the majority of people. She complains about everyone. Including me behind my back. People have transferred out of our department because of her.

Today just was not the day to deal with it. It was such a petty thing to argue over but its usually the little things that break the camel's back. After it was over i sat there for a few minutes and then left my chair. I went straight up to the office manager's office, not to tattle, but to just cut her off at the pass because i knew that she would be running her happy butt right up there at her first opportunity. Maybe lucky for me he wasnt in his office. I actually even waited around for him but he never came. I went around the corner and plopped my butt down in one of the secretary's chairs in front of her desk. She asked me what was wrong and i told her. I told her it was such a petty thing but it just irritated me. I'm usually cool calm and collected.

I'm sure this isn't the end of it. I bet tomorrow something will happen. I'm sure the story will have developed a life of its own. Thats just how she is.

I'll keep ya'all posted!

Till Later...

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Want Some Cake!

The other day i went to Taco Bell for lunch and the drive-thru girl gave me a whole handful of mild sauce packets. If you have ever eaten at Taco Bell you know that on these packets are little remarks written right across the front of them. Cute little clever remarks that just make you laugh.

Then i got this really bright idea!

Since Mister Christerfer Brainwhisperers is currently unemployed i thought that he could put his very clever and witty humor into comments on these packets! What a cool job! He could do it from home and make loads of money! Well...if he didnt make loads of money at least he'd get a discount at Taco Bell and ya know what i call that? Dinner!

In Honor of our fellow blogger friend Brainwhispers and today being his 30 Somethingish Birthday...i dedicate this blog entry to him.

Have a very Happy Birthday!
I hope you and Sara have a wonderful visit!

Till Later.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out of The Mouth's of Babes.

We went to the grocery store the other day, me, oldest grandgirlie and middle grandgirlie.
As we were walking in from the parking lot two Nuns in full Habit were leaving the store.
Middle grandgirlie asked who they were. We explained that they were Nuns and that they were in the Catholic religion. (We are Lutheran). Older grandgirlie explained that they are married to God.

Middle GrandGirlie said " So they sing in the Opera?"

That had me giggling for days.

Till Later....

The Worst Grandma Ever!'s official.
I am the worst Grandma ever.
My oldest granddaughter has been badgering me to take her to some walk/run thing that her school is having. There was a paper sent home and money was needed. I have two grandkids at this school. I cant afford EVERY thing that they send home. I buy them fun books from the bookclub at school. I buy them yearbooks. I buy them school pictures. I give them money for extra ice cream at lunch. I pay for field trips and t-shirts with thier school logo on it so passing up a walk/run where physical exersion is required is ok.
The paper came home for this walk/run and the deadline came and went. I thought i had already laid that problem to rest. No we arent going. Its a charity thing and i feel bad that we arent going but i'm not having you get donations and walk/run this thing when you can barely make it 2 times around the track at school without complaining to your teacher that you are tired. Ok. Nuff said.

So today is the walk/run.
I have a lot of things to get done.
Like cleaning this house that these 4 children including thier mother mess up!
Its a beautiful day. But thats ok.

Old grandgirlie tells me yesterday that they can still go to the walk/run even if they didnt pay. Everything is free. The food is free. The face painting is free. We can even wak/run for free. She needs to go to cheer everyone on and if you have the most school spirit you win a prize. So please take me to the dollar store so i can buy stuff that is gold and yellow so i can show my school spirit.
I told her that i didnt think we were going. We might run by and check it out but we arent participating. I really dont think we are going. (come on grandma be a little more committed!). Besides, her mother told her she was grounded. I dont remember what she is grounded for but probably because she rolled her eyes at her mother.

So this morning she wakes me up at 7:30.
"What time is it Grandma?"
"We arent going Cynnamann."
I hear her grumble as she walks out of the room.
"You are the worst grandma ever!"

Its Official.

Till later...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hopi Get A Good Grade...

My oldest Granddaughter had this project to do for school.
She had to make a life like village of an Indian tribe of her choice.

She needed to label it with the Region and the Climate and a few other things that i dont remember. She was given two weeks to do it and it was due yesterday.

Did i mention that my Grandgirlie is a Drama Queen?

There is not a day that goes by that something isnt wrong for her.
Her hair doesnt look right. She hated the school lunch. Her teacher gave her a dirty look. Dinner isnt what she wants. The grass tripped her. The sky looks funky. Her sister bothered her.
I could go on.

But anyway...

So this project was due and i wanted to get this going before the deadline. We are last minute Charlies so i didnt want to be up all night the night before helping her with this thing so Saturday we went and bought some clay and paint. I havent been feeling well and was at the worst on Saturday so we quickly got what she needed and came home.

Of course she didnt think we had bought enough clay or paint.

She started molding the homes for her village.
We got the bright idea that if she just made the walls we could hook them together when she was ready to put it all together.
Cool. Good idea.

So by Sunday she had all her walls done. It had rained and she needed natural resources so she tried to use mud to connect the pieces.

The mud didnt hold. I told her that we would try to put it together with the clay. I still didnt feel well so i told her we would work on it Monday night.

Monday night came and went.

Tuesday night i still wasnt feeling well. I told her mother to go buy some glue so Grqndgirlie could finish this thing up.
My daughter told Grandgirlie that she should have told her this project was due. She would have helped her sooner.

Helllooooo! Where ya been for the last 4 days??


Grandgirlie then said she needed people in her model and a ladder to get into her adobe homes and she needed to make some pots and a stove and its not gonna be done by tomorrow and it looks stupid and the other kids projects are gonna look better and its not holding and why are we glueing it to a box and the big piece looks like a subway and she should have picked the TeePee and i have a headache and and.....

I told her to calm down. It looked just fine. I told her that Hopi Indians back in the day didnt have builders do the job. They built it themselves and they werent perfect. She used her natural resources and it looked just fine.

But i was worried.
I thought it looked funky.
Bad Grandma, bad bad...

She took it to school yesterday and when she came home i asked how it went.

She said she stood in front of the class and gave her presentation and the teacher graded it right then and there and she got all stars! The paper will come home in her Friday folder.

I asked how the other kids projects looked. She said pretty good.I asked if anyone said anything about her project and she said they liked it.

She then said...."I thought mine looked awesome."


Another adolescent bullet dodged.

Here's the finished project....

I am sooo proud!

Till Later...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Could Someone Help Me With Editing The Header of My Blog??

I added that picture there of the bear juggling the hearts and now i want to delete the picture. I go in to edit it and click on the link to remove image and it doesnt remove it. Can anyone help??
Blast you AOL for eliminating your user friendly journal!

Monday, October 6, 2008


My left hand itches.
That's suppose to mean i'll be coming into some money soon.
Let's see...
I dont get paid for another week.
I didnt play the lottery today.
I did find a penny though and i put it in my shoe.
I just checked my shoe.
I lost the penny.
I wont be inheriting any money.
All our money is in the stock market.

I probably just need some lotion.

Till Later...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Under Construction

Since AOL gave us the boot it looks like i'm gonna maybe blog over here.
We'll see.

Till Later...