Monday, October 6, 2008


My left hand itches.
That's suppose to mean i'll be coming into some money soon.
Let's see...
I dont get paid for another week.
I didnt play the lottery today.
I did find a penny though and i put it in my shoe.
I just checked my shoe.
I lost the penny.
I wont be inheriting any money.
All our money is in the stock market.

I probably just need some lotion.

Till Later...


Melissa said...

sometimes my hand itches and I still dont get money, lol...glad to see u made it over. *hugs*

Indigo said...

Welcome to this side of the blogsphere hon! Money would be good..then again with my luck of late an itchy hand would just mean hives. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have teeny tiny hand fleas.
It could happen.