Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Did The Mash...We Did The Monster Mash...

This past Saturday night i took my two oldest girlies to The 7th Annual Grant’s Farm Halloween thing. Grants Farm is typically a daytime attraction in our area. You take a 15-20 minute tram ride thru several acres of land full of all types of animals, deer,bison,antelopes, buffalo, oreo cookie cows...then they drop you off in this huge area where the kids can feed the goats or you can watch a bird show or an elephant show then go to the beer garden and eat and the adults can have a free complimentary Budweiser. (its the Busch family property and owned by Anheuser-Busch soon to be known as InBev something or other). But since its Halloween time they have it all decorated for the holiday and the event is held after dark.

So i took the girls. Little man would have been frightened. I can barely take him down the Halloween aisle at any given store without him shaking and crying. This Grants Farm Halloween thing turned out to be pretty cool. My oldest grandgirlie loves scarey stuff. Little girlie...not so much. Older girlie wanted to sit in the middle on the tram. Little girlie ended up in the middle but I had to stretch my arms all around the big scaredy cat!

We get on the tram and they turn off the lights and begin to tell a spooky story about a Mad Scientist. Ghosts and things are hanging down from trees and fake fog and freaky strobe lights are everywhere. We get to the middle of nowhere in the dark in the middle of all these acres of land and we have to stop the tram. Deer are running across the road and there are big long horned steer all over the place. I could have reached out the side of this thing and patted one on the head and pulled its horn. I think i may have been a little scared. I actually thought....would it be faster to run to the end of this trip or just sit here amongst all the Spidermen and Fairy Princesses and take my chance? I took my chance. We finally made it to the goats and the Mad Scientist show and worked our way around to the free beer...err....i mean the courtyard where they had pushed all the tables back and had a DJ and a huge dance area. We met up with a friend of older grandgirlies who was there with his parents. The DJ played The Monster Mash and the theme song to SpiderMan and they did the twist and the Cha Cha Slide and they even played some Hannah Montana stuff and we danced and danced. At one point a very lifelike Frankentein got out in the middle of the dance circle, recruited some adults and then did the duck dance. Then they played the Love Shack by the B52's and me and all the other adults were singing and dancing. At the end of the song when they say.."Your what??? Tin roooof....busted!" my granddaughter and her friend were amazed that we knew that. Probably cuz we were old she said. Thanks..

Fianlly...before we left all of a sudden i see my brother rushing towards me. He and his four kids...thier spouses and all his 10 grandkids were there. We hung out for a while and then we all left together.

All in all we had a really fun time. It cost $20.00 bucks to park but it was free to get in. I think it was worth it.
When we got home we had some hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream.
Whatta way to end a scarey night!

Till Later....


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great night out.
Halloween over here just means teenagers vandalising cars and scaring old people out of money.

Delores Getmeslippers said...

AWW that sounded such a lovely trip. I felt I was there too.

Indigo said...

Sounds like a great time was had! I did something like that with my daughter when she was younger, thing was I ended up being the one frightened. Someone grabbed me from the side of the wagon. My daughter laughed so hard. She's always loved horro movies and anything that's scary. (Hugs)Indigo