Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's 2:30 am. What The Heck Am I Doing Up?

Today was one of those days.
(When i say today i really mean yesterday. Technically thats really Wednesday but since i havent been to sleep yet for the sake of confusion we will call this today).
Today was one of those days.

I was late for work.
I ironed my clothes in semi-dark and when i got to work i realized the white top i had on had some sort of stain on it. So i had to wear my scrub jacket all day.
I had an excruciating headache where it hurt so bad i thought i would either cry or my head would explode.
And i got into a petty disagreement with a co worker who one would describe as a complainer who thinks everyone does everything wrong and thinks she is perfect and who would blow everything out of proportion to the boss to make herself look good.

I have worked at this job for almost 12 years and with this co-worker for almost as long. She's not a supervisor. She does the same job as me. We have not seen eye to eye for years but to keep my sanity and peace in the room i ignore her. Not typically ignore her but just ignore the things that irritate the majority of people. She complains about everyone. Including me behind my back. People have transferred out of our department because of her.

Today just was not the day to deal with it. It was such a petty thing to argue over but its usually the little things that break the camel's back. After it was over i sat there for a few minutes and then left my chair. I went straight up to the office manager's office, not to tattle, but to just cut her off at the pass because i knew that she would be running her happy butt right up there at her first opportunity. Maybe lucky for me he wasnt in his office. I actually even waited around for him but he never came. I went around the corner and plopped my butt down in one of the secretary's chairs in front of her desk. She asked me what was wrong and i told her. I told her it was such a petty thing but it just irritated me. I'm usually cool calm and collected.

I'm sure this isn't the end of it. I bet tomorrow something will happen. I'm sure the story will have developed a life of its own. Thats just how she is.

I'll keep ya'all posted!

Till Later...


Anonymous said...

Put some poison in her coffee.
Something that turns her poo poo bright yellow with blue stripes.
She'll be so freaked out she wont ever bother you again.

lisa jo said...

been there, done that with coworkers!! UGH, i hate people like your coworker that you described.You are also is usually something totally petty that will blow it wide open. I hope not much is made of the issue and she is told to back off of you. HUGS!

Delores said...

Hey, you can't always grit your teeth when you work with a silly twit like that. It is good to let people like that know sometimes that they are wrong. I think it is a good idea to let your boss know about it just so that you get a little support and maybe a little sympathy. Please don't poison her though she might have a toilet accident in the work room!