Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Worst Grandma Ever!'s official.
I am the worst Grandma ever.
My oldest granddaughter has been badgering me to take her to some walk/run thing that her school is having. There was a paper sent home and money was needed. I have two grandkids at this school. I cant afford EVERY thing that they send home. I buy them fun books from the bookclub at school. I buy them yearbooks. I buy them school pictures. I give them money for extra ice cream at lunch. I pay for field trips and t-shirts with thier school logo on it so passing up a walk/run where physical exersion is required is ok.
The paper came home for this walk/run and the deadline came and went. I thought i had already laid that problem to rest. No we arent going. Its a charity thing and i feel bad that we arent going but i'm not having you get donations and walk/run this thing when you can barely make it 2 times around the track at school without complaining to your teacher that you are tired. Ok. Nuff said.

So today is the walk/run.
I have a lot of things to get done.
Like cleaning this house that these 4 children including thier mother mess up!
Its a beautiful day. But thats ok.

Old grandgirlie tells me yesterday that they can still go to the walk/run even if they didnt pay. Everything is free. The food is free. The face painting is free. We can even wak/run for free. She needs to go to cheer everyone on and if you have the most school spirit you win a prize. So please take me to the dollar store so i can buy stuff that is gold and yellow so i can show my school spirit.
I told her that i didnt think we were going. We might run by and check it out but we arent participating. I really dont think we are going. (come on grandma be a little more committed!). Besides, her mother told her she was grounded. I dont remember what she is grounded for but probably because she rolled her eyes at her mother.

So this morning she wakes me up at 7:30.
"What time is it Grandma?"
"We arent going Cynnamann."
I hear her grumble as she walks out of the room.
"You are the worst grandma ever!"

Its Official.

Till later...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Throw a cake at her.
A really gooey one.
At least then she has something to complain about.
Or chop all her toes off.
Then you really will be the worst grandma ever.