Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out of The Mouth's of Babes.

We went to the grocery store the other day, me, oldest grandgirlie and middle grandgirlie.
As we were walking in from the parking lot two Nuns in full Habit were leaving the store.
Middle grandgirlie asked who they were. We explained that they were Nuns and that they were in the Catholic religion. (We are Lutheran). Older grandgirlie explained that they are married to God.

Middle GrandGirlie said " So they sing in the Opera?"

That had me giggling for days.

Till Later....


lisa jo said...

Hi, found you as i wandered thru AOL refugee blogs....have you on my dashboard to read now. I have a private made me smile as i read your last few entries. You sound like a funny and sweet grandma! take care!


Delores said...

Hello, greetings from London. That is so funny, your little grand daughter! I am going to take some time and read all your entries and get to know a bit about you.