Friday, October 31, 2008

If I Wasn't Such A Procrastinator...

AOL Sucks!
But you all already know that.

Just now....
A few minutes ago......(actually earlier today about 10:30 am)
As i was finishing up saving my private journal....

Stoopid Stoopid AOL cut me off and this ~~~>People Connection Blog: AIM Community Network
site appeared in place of my journal. Thank God i only had a month left of that journal to save. It was the first month of my ever journalling on AOL but thats what i get for procrastinating.

Dont you think if AOL says that AOL journals is closing on 10/31/08 they would alteast give you till Midnight?? Ugh i want to say a dirty word!!

So now if you click on a link to an AOL journal you will get the above link or this ~>This page contains information regarding the shutdown of AOL Hometown and Journals (blogs) - AOL.

I have a feeling AOL is getting rid of its features and then are going to tell us they are closing thier doors except for email sevices. Mark my work. I betcha.

MSN is looking more and more attractive as the days go by.

Till Later...


Anonymous said...

AOL smells of donkey poo.

Indigo said...

I thought the same the very least they could of waited until Midnight. The original true shutdown date was suppose to be Nov. 1st after Midnight of the 31st. I'm thinking they wanted it done before the weekend. So why bother giving us that date if they had no intentions of keeping it going.

Beware MSN...a friend of mine said they are closing down the groups and some of the servives over there as well. Just a heads up.

Sorry you lost a month of the very least you were able to save what you have. (Hugs)Indigo