Monday, October 27, 2008

You're Driving Me Ape!

My office is getting new carpeting throughout the place and my office manager asked us if anyone wanted the plants that were in the waiting room. I marked my name down as yes, not really remembering what the plants looked like. Ive been there for almost 12 years and i dont remember what the plants look like in the waiting room! Dang i must keep busy!

So i was one of the lucky one's to get a plant. I picked a potted palm tree. Its Beeyoooteeful! It has four stalks and is very unique looking. I just brought it into the house tonight because we are expecting our first heavy freeze.

I was sitting here at the computer in this room with this big ol tree behind me and my little grandson comes in here and looks at me with his big cheesey grin and says...

Can i climb it like a monkey???

No you cannot climb it like a monkey!

So he proceeds to climb it like a monkey.

I have such control over these kids.

Till Later....

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Delores Getmeslippers said...

I love plants, they take up so much room though if you only have small accommodation.