Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hopi Get A Good Grade...

My oldest Granddaughter had this project to do for school.
She had to make a life like village of an Indian tribe of her choice.

She needed to label it with the Region and the Climate and a few other things that i dont remember. She was given two weeks to do it and it was due yesterday.

Did i mention that my Grandgirlie is a Drama Queen?

There is not a day that goes by that something isnt wrong for her.
Her hair doesnt look right. She hated the school lunch. Her teacher gave her a dirty look. Dinner isnt what she wants. The grass tripped her. The sky looks funky. Her sister bothered her.
I could go on.

But anyway...

So this project was due and i wanted to get this going before the deadline. We are last minute Charlies so i didnt want to be up all night the night before helping her with this thing so Saturday we went and bought some clay and paint. I havent been feeling well and was at the worst on Saturday so we quickly got what she needed and came home.

Of course she didnt think we had bought enough clay or paint.

She started molding the homes for her village.
We got the bright idea that if she just made the walls we could hook them together when she was ready to put it all together.
Cool. Good idea.

So by Sunday she had all her walls done. It had rained and she needed natural resources so she tried to use mud to connect the pieces.

The mud didnt hold. I told her that we would try to put it together with the clay. I still didnt feel well so i told her we would work on it Monday night.

Monday night came and went.

Tuesday night i still wasnt feeling well. I told her mother to go buy some glue so Grqndgirlie could finish this thing up.
My daughter told Grandgirlie that she should have told her this project was due. She would have helped her sooner.

Helllooooo! Where ya been for the last 4 days??


Grandgirlie then said she needed people in her model and a ladder to get into her adobe homes and she needed to make some pots and a stove and its not gonna be done by tomorrow and it looks stupid and the other kids projects are gonna look better and its not holding and why are we glueing it to a box and the big piece looks like a subway and she should have picked the TeePee and i have a headache and and.....

I told her to calm down. It looked just fine. I told her that Hopi Indians back in the day didnt have builders do the job. They built it themselves and they werent perfect. She used her natural resources and it looked just fine.

But i was worried.
I thought it looked funky.
Bad Grandma, bad bad...

She took it to school yesterday and when she came home i asked how it went.

She said she stood in front of the class and gave her presentation and the teacher graded it right then and there and she got all stars! The paper will come home in her Friday folder.

I asked how the other kids projects looked. She said pretty good.I asked if anyone said anything about her project and she said they liked it.

She then said...."I thought mine looked awesome."


Another adolescent bullet dodged.

Here's the finished project....

I am sooo proud!

Till Later...


Indigo said...

My daughter Skye was the same way...I swear that kid was never happy with anything she did. It was a little over the top on being a perfectionist. I had her village saved for years, and it ended up getting crushed when I moved into my latest house. If she's anything like my daughter the drama will get even more profound the older she gets. (Hugs) Indigo

Anonymous said...

A life like village? Those Hopi Indian tribes really lived in squalor