Monday, October 13, 2008

I Want Some Cake!

The other day i went to Taco Bell for lunch and the drive-thru girl gave me a whole handful of mild sauce packets. If you have ever eaten at Taco Bell you know that on these packets are little remarks written right across the front of them. Cute little clever remarks that just make you laugh.

Then i got this really bright idea!

Since Mister Christerfer Brainwhisperers is currently unemployed i thought that he could put his very clever and witty humor into comments on these packets! What a cool job! He could do it from home and make loads of money! Well...if he didnt make loads of money at least he'd get a discount at Taco Bell and ya know what i call that? Dinner!

In Honor of our fellow blogger friend Brainwhispers and today being his 30 Somethingish Birthday...i dedicate this blog entry to him.

Have a very Happy Birthday!
I hope you and Sara have a wonderful visit!

Till Later.....


lisa jo said...

i always look and see what my packets say too and some of them are hilarious.

take care!

Anonymous said...

I did start doing that for friends who smoked when they started putting messages on ciggarette packets.
They were mostly very offensive and toilet humour based.
I dont think we have Taco Bell's in this country anyway.

Thanks for the entry dedication.

Anonymous said...

Too funny indeed. Gotta love the Taco Bell packets with the witty phrases. Definitely makes a person look at their sauce before using it. a thought..should we all start doing with Taco Bell packets, what we do with Fortune Cookies? "It's dark in here and I hear laughing" bed!!! What ya think Pinky? xoxoxo Jeffy :)

Sara said...

Toilet humour based? Surely not Mr B!

Hello... thank you for following me :o)