Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's All In The Attire

I work in a doctor's office so our dress code is scrubs.

Everyone wear's scrubs.
The girls at the front desk. The girls at check out. The nurses. The transcriptionists. The Medical Record clerks. The Appointment girls.
And my department.
The best and most revered department of all.

The Insurance/Billing department.

I could type on here everthing that i do but it would sound like a resume.

So. Our dress code use to be really cool. It was still scrubs but we could wear whatever color or pattern we wanted. We all looked so colorful. Then about two years ago we got a new office manager. Cool guy. Into changing things for the better. But about a year ago he changed our scrub colors.
To navy blue and white. The main color being navy. So my typical attire now is a white scrub top and navy scrub bottoms with white tennis shoes. A lot of people complained but ya can't beat free and working in your jammies.

So. This week my sister has been in the hospital. The hospital has a dress code as well. Different colored scrubs for different departments. The nurses all happen to wear navy scrub bottoms and white tops.


So each day that i went to visit my sister i would get smiles from other workers who would make small chit chat. "too nice of a day to be going into work", "what floor do you work on?" I hate when people think that i'm a nurse. I's kinda cool but...I'm not a nurse.

I've worked at my current job for 12 years so it's been happening to me for years.

About 8 years ago my mother was put in a rehab center because she got all screwed up on her medication. She was on some heavy duty pain meds that she shouldnt have been on. So she was put in this rehab center to get weened off these meds. It was on our local hospital campus and they called it a mental facility.
The floor that my mother was on in this facility was locked. You would go to the floor and they would have to buzz you in.
People that they felt were a danger to themselves would wear scrubs.
Teal scrubs.
My mother didnt have to wear scrubs but some people did. I would take my lunch break and go visit her everyday.

I remember one day i went to visit her.
I spent my lunch time there and then it was time to leave. It was really easy to get turned around in there and i always got confused as to which way to go when i got off the elevator on the main floor.

As i was leaving that day i got on the elevator to go down with another couple. They were leaving as well. I struck up a conversation with them asking them which way would i go to get to the front doors when i got off the elevator. They were looking at me really strangely. I thought that very odd. I was being polite. But i kept on talking saying how i always got turned around in this place. They never really spoke to me. They told me to go right, i think. When we got off the elevator they just kind of took off. Weirdos. Some people are just so anti social.

I left the building and got in my car and started to leave.

I realized i was wearing teal scrubs!
I laughed so hard i cried!

I guess they thought i was trying to escape!

Till Later...:o)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week was a crazy busy week!
The work week went by fast but come Friday it was crazy!

First, oldest grandgirlie was in a Variety Show at her school. Her and her friend did a dance routine to the song, "Hot n Cold". Then when we left the school after the variety show we stopped in the school office to pick up middle grandgirlie's class hamster. Yes. A hamster. It was her weekend to bring it home. I remember when my daughter brought the class hamster home when she was about 8. She so graciously volunteered to take it home over the Christmas holiday which was normally about a week. But we had a really big snow/ice storm right before they went back to school so they were out of school another week! We had that darn hamster for two weeks! We had to go out and buy it food and new cage lining! Ugh! So this weekend i was having flash backs. They predicted snow for Saturday. Luckily it was just a light dusting and the skies were blue all weekend. This morning we take it back to school. Its a cute little thing. Black and white. The class named it Oreo. Wierd. Thats the name of our dog.

Then Saturday morning my sister said she wasnt feeling well. She was having trouble breathing and her chest hurt. I took her to the emergency room at the hospital and sat in there from start to finish about 11 hours. They admitted her and i finally left there about 1am.
They are running tests on her and are stabalizing her breathing.

So that was my week. I do have to add that yesterday my daughter worked and i watched the kids and cleaned my house. I did laundry and made dinner. I woke up this morning and my living room is a mess. The room where this computer is is a mess and my bottles of cooking spices are not where they should be and are on my counter and on my kitchen table. Some have actually been dumped out and are mixed together. My Grandson is in big trouble.

Ok so now i must go get ready for work. Take the hamster and kids back to school and get to work. My daughter offered to cook some steaks tonight. I cant wait.

Till Later.... :o)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentine's Day just as much as the next guy but sometimes i think its a little overrated. I've got a thing about someone spending a lot of money on me, partly because i dont have the funds to reciprocate like i use to and it makes me a little sad.

This past week the kids had thier Valentine's parties at school. Remember when we were kids and we would make some really cool Valentine's boxes to hold the valentine's we traded at school? They were mostly made out of a shoe box, aluminumn foil and red construction paper but they were still cool. I remember when my daughter was in school and she made a box, along with my help, that looked like a computer monitor with a keyboard. The screen read Happy Valentines day. Now THAT was cool! So this year we were trying to figure out what to make for the girls. Last year they just had a red gift bag that they decorated so this year they wanted something different. I get this Family Fun magazine that Parents magazine puts out and in it it had this really cute idea. It was a cracker box made to look like a school locker. So we made those. They were so easy to make and they turned out really cute! I have tons of scrapbooking stuff so the girls were able to find all kinds of things to decorate the boxes with. Oldest girlie is really into the Twilight series books and movie so she took a picture of Robert Pattinson (who plays the main character in the movie) and put it in a little frame and hung it on the inside of her "locker" door. That Robert Pattinson is a little cutie patootie!

On Wednesday i got a Valentine's card in the mail from my friend Jeff. (i dont like to say boyfriend...cuz he's not a boy). I was happy with that. It was very sweet. He loves me ya know. But then on Thursday at work they page overhead for me to come to the front desk. Im the kind of person that doesnt like attention drawn to myself so after having been paged to the front desk the long walk there is like doing a striptease. "whoo hoo Terry got something", "Yea Terry!" "Terry got something!" "woop! woop!" Arent we all adults here? Jeez. So i get my box and go back to my desk. Flowers come in boxes these days ya know. Yep. He sent me flowers! A cute rose plant in a beautiful woven basket. He loves me ya know.
Other girls got flowers that day and the place smelled lovely. Then Friday came and more names called to the front. More flowers in boxes all around. Then they call my name again. Huh? So i go back to the front desk. "Terry you got more flowers?" "Dang girl!" "Whatya get? Whatya get?" "woop! woop!". Ugh. So i get to the front desk and there is another box. I take it downstairs and its a Vermont Bear! Soo cute! Smiles on my face again! Its from Jeff. He loves me ya know.

I sent him candy and a card.
Woop Woop.

Till Later...:o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

And The Beat Goes On

Ya know...
I think i used to be clever.
I think i used to be inspired.
Some days i think my brain is just a big ol pile of mush that sometimes i feel like i just cant think straight.
Or maybe i AM thinking straight its just that i'm standing on my head.

Sometimes i think..has 46 years of my life really passed by?
You can see it on my face.
When did i get that line between my brows?
I remember.
I use to call that my Carlos line.
What a waste of a knitted brow.
And those dark circles under my eyes?
Must be all those sleepless nights, past, present and future.
What about my hair?
Was it really THAT long ago when i grew it out and am i still really trying to decide what to do with it??

We were talking the other day about getting older.
My friend said 50 was going to be tough for her.
Because in her own words, "At fifty, you're just about done." I laughed so hard when she said that because..... i think thats true.

Life use to make me laugh.
I use to find the funny in everyday things.
Not so much anymore.

But thats a secret.
No one knows that but you.
So shhhh.

And i keep trudging on.

Till Later...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I See Stars. I See Mars. You Know The Rest...

George Clooney is coming to town!!
He's going to be filming a movie here called "Up In The Air". Why they picked St Louis to shoot almost the entire film in i dont have a clue. We've had like 3 movies filmed here. Well, thats an exageration. Like maybe 1. Not really. There's been some but i dont think like an entire movie!


They had this gigantinormous casting call a few weeks ago because they are going to need a bunch of extra in the film. My daughter went to this casting call. She had to bring a recent snapshot of herself and fill out this short application we downloaded off some website.
She had to stand in this really long line all day. When it was finally her turn they called her and her friend in together. They sat down and talked to some casting people who basically looked at thier application and picture then asked a couple question. They gave her a piece of paper and told her that if they could use her they would call her in the next week.

Well.. she didnt get a call that next week so, here, three weeks almost a month later...

She gets a call from the casting agent!
They asked her if she was available on March 10th.


She accepted and they told her they would email her around the 3rd of March to let her know where she needed to be and what she needed to wear! She'll get paid about $56 bucks for 8 hours work and then some overtime if she's still needed. They told her it could be a 10-12 hour work day.

Whooo hoooo!

My daughter is going to be in a movie with George Clooney!!!

She'll probably be extra number 1589 in the airport terminal mingling around with a bunch of other extras. But who cares! She's in a movie with George Clooney!!

Wouldnt it be cool if she was extra 1799. Girl sitting next to George Clooney on plane??


Till Later... :o)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That's Old!

The other day my middle Grandgirlie and i were talking about her birthday that's coming up next month. She's going to be 8. We were trying to decide what we were going to do for her birthday. (We have it narrowed down to Chuck E Cheese or Ice Skating). We started discussing candles on the cake. When the kids are little we put exactly the number of candles for thier year plus one to grow on.When ya get old like me we just use the number candles. So Middle Girlie says to me...

"Grandma, when i'm a hundred years old are you going to put a hundred birthday candles on my cake or are you going to use those number candles?"

My response?

" Well Kiddo, probably a one and a zero and a zero candle. But considering i'll be 139 years old at that time i dont think im gonna be there."

She started laughing..."Yeah...i'll probably use the number candles".

Here she is at her birthday party when she was 4.

Our little princess...

Till Later :o)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music, Speeches and Piles Of Big White Fluffy Stuff...

My oldest grandaughter is in an Honor Choir in her school district. It consist of select 5th grade students from each elementary school in the district. I think there are about 4 elementaries in the district. Last night was thier performance. I video'd one of the songs and tried to download it on here but i couldnt get it to work. I will work on that and share it with you all later. The Middle schools and the High Schools performed as well. On the drive home all the girls could talk about was how "hot" the middle school and high school boys were. As we were sitting there watching the older kids perform i realized my oldest girlie would be going to school with some of these kids next year! Eeek! When did she grow up!!

This evening i have a project for myself. I need to write a little something about Dannity and her illness and our experience with getting her baptized. The Pastor of the church wants me to stand up in front of the congregation and say some words about our experience. I'm not much of a public speaker but i think i need to do it. Wish me well.
It snowed last week. I hate snow.
I missed 2 days of work because of it and on the 3rd day when i went back, even though MODOT did a great job clearing the snow, the roads i take still had some snow on them. I'm a backroads kinda girl.

Here are some pictures for your amusement...err i mean enjoyment.

Below is looking out my front door.

Looking up the steet on the sidewalk in front of my house.

Looking up my street.

I got stuck in the snow trying to pull out of my parking spot and i got stuck way up there in that intersection. Fun times...

Till Later....: )

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Made Chili For Today. Want Some?

I'm not much of a football fan.
I'm more of a baseball kinda fanatic so today's SuperBowl game doesnt really interest me.
The only real interest i have is the half time show. I'm suppose to get a call when thats on. What time is it by the way?
I'm also interested in the score at the end of each quarter and the final score of course. I played some football pool at work. I dont really get it but to my understanding, if Pittsburgh has a 9 as its last score number and Arizona has a 6 (those are my numbers) i could win some serious money. Like $25. bucks! But apparently because of my numbers it would have to be a field goal game? Well that sure doesnt sound like a winner to me. There goes my $2. bucks right down the drain! I'm rootin' for the Arizona Cardinals. Only because of thier name...Cardinals and Kurt Warner is on the team. He use to be with the St Louis Rams ya know when they won the (hehe i almost typed World Series...sheesh)..Super Bowl a buncha years ago. I jumped on the football bandwagon then. Yessiree. I went as far as to buy myself a really cool Rams sweatshirt and some blue and gold football beads. I was stylin baby! I still love that sweatshirt, man. Its the warmest one i got. I sure get some comments though when i wear it. Mostly people complaining because the Rams are really sucky this year. Oh well. There's always next year.

And then i also love to watch the SuperBowl game because of the commercials. The one commercial that still cracks me up, though it never gets shown, is the Bud Light commercial. It starts off backstage of the 2004 halftime show. You know... the "wardrobe malfunction" halftime show. The one where Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's top and her boob popped out with this big old gold star positioned in just the right spot. Well in the commercial there is a bucket of Bud Light on ice sitting backstage and some guy carrying in flowers walks past it. He puts down the flowers and picks up a BudLight and he looks around for something to open it with. He see's Janet's wardrobe laying over a chair and he uses it to open the beer only to have the wardrobe rip. He tries taping it back together using a little spit. Then he walks away...and we see the half of her top fall open. I think it was clever and hilarious!

Ok so i just got my call. Its almost half time and the end score numbers are 7 and 7. Yeah. Im not gonna win.
Oh Well...
There's always next year...

Till Later....: )