Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Made Chili For Today. Want Some?

I'm not much of a football fan.
I'm more of a baseball kinda fanatic so today's SuperBowl game doesnt really interest me.
The only real interest i have is the half time show. I'm suppose to get a call when thats on. What time is it by the way?
I'm also interested in the score at the end of each quarter and the final score of course. I played some football pool at work. I dont really get it but to my understanding, if Pittsburgh has a 9 as its last score number and Arizona has a 6 (those are my numbers) i could win some serious money. Like $25. bucks! But apparently because of my numbers it would have to be a field goal game? Well that sure doesnt sound like a winner to me. There goes my $2. bucks right down the drain! I'm rootin' for the Arizona Cardinals. Only because of thier name...Cardinals and Kurt Warner is on the team. He use to be with the St Louis Rams ya know when they won the (hehe i almost typed World Series...sheesh)..Super Bowl a buncha years ago. I jumped on the football bandwagon then. Yessiree. I went as far as to buy myself a really cool Rams sweatshirt and some blue and gold football beads. I was stylin baby! I still love that sweatshirt, man. Its the warmest one i got. I sure get some comments though when i wear it. Mostly people complaining because the Rams are really sucky this year. Oh well. There's always next year.

And then i also love to watch the SuperBowl game because of the commercials. The one commercial that still cracks me up, though it never gets shown, is the Bud Light commercial. It starts off backstage of the 2004 halftime show. You know... the "wardrobe malfunction" halftime show. The one where Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's top and her boob popped out with this big old gold star positioned in just the right spot. Well in the commercial there is a bucket of Bud Light on ice sitting backstage and some guy carrying in flowers walks past it. He puts down the flowers and picks up a BudLight and he looks around for something to open it with. He see's Janet's wardrobe laying over a chair and he uses it to open the beer only to have the wardrobe rip. He tries taping it back together using a little spit. Then he walks away...and we see the half of her top fall open. I think it was clever and hilarious!

Ok so i just got my call. Its almost half time and the end score numbers are 7 and 7. Yeah. Im not gonna win.
Oh Well...
There's always next year...

Till Later....: )


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Yes please, I will have some chilli. It is snowing in London, it has ground to a halt, no transport, roads dangerous. I am going back to bed.

Terry said...

Omgosh! Good idea to go back to bed! Last week we had 7 inches of snow here. It sleeted and then snowed for 2 days and i stayed home from work both days! The roads were still snow covered when i went back on the third day. Ugh. I hate snow!