Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week was a crazy busy week!
The work week went by fast but come Friday it was crazy!

First, oldest grandgirlie was in a Variety Show at her school. Her and her friend did a dance routine to the song, "Hot n Cold". Then when we left the school after the variety show we stopped in the school office to pick up middle grandgirlie's class hamster. Yes. A hamster. It was her weekend to bring it home. I remember when my daughter brought the class hamster home when she was about 8. She so graciously volunteered to take it home over the Christmas holiday which was normally about a week. But we had a really big snow/ice storm right before they went back to school so they were out of school another week! We had that darn hamster for two weeks! We had to go out and buy it food and new cage lining! Ugh! So this weekend i was having flash backs. They predicted snow for Saturday. Luckily it was just a light dusting and the skies were blue all weekend. This morning we take it back to school. Its a cute little thing. Black and white. The class named it Oreo. Wierd. Thats the name of our dog.

Then Saturday morning my sister said she wasnt feeling well. She was having trouble breathing and her chest hurt. I took her to the emergency room at the hospital and sat in there from start to finish about 11 hours. They admitted her and i finally left there about 1am.
They are running tests on her and are stabalizing her breathing.

So that was my week. I do have to add that yesterday my daughter worked and i watched the kids and cleaned my house. I did laundry and made dinner. I woke up this morning and my living room is a mess. The room where this computer is is a mess and my bottles of cooking spices are not where they should be and are on my counter and on my kitchen table. Some have actually been dumped out and are mixed together. My Grandson is in big trouble.

Ok so now i must go get ready for work. Take the hamster and kids back to school and get to work. My daughter offered to cook some steaks tonight. I cant wait.

Till Later.... :o)


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Hope everything is ok with you. Sorry I have to leave Blog world. Just can't do it anymore. xx

Anonymous said...

I know you surely had 1 crazy week for sure. Some weeks sure seem crazier than others, huh? Can't wait to see you in 30 days and a steak sure sounds good. We'll get one. O' Charley's? TGIFridays? and I do believe we need to do Steak N Shake again. We haven't done that in awhile. I'll just try and avoid getting us into the wrong car. LOL Jeff