Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentine's Day just as much as the next guy but sometimes i think its a little overrated. I've got a thing about someone spending a lot of money on me, partly because i dont have the funds to reciprocate like i use to and it makes me a little sad.

This past week the kids had thier Valentine's parties at school. Remember when we were kids and we would make some really cool Valentine's boxes to hold the valentine's we traded at school? They were mostly made out of a shoe box, aluminumn foil and red construction paper but they were still cool. I remember when my daughter was in school and she made a box, along with my help, that looked like a computer monitor with a keyboard. The screen read Happy Valentines day. Now THAT was cool! So this year we were trying to figure out what to make for the girls. Last year they just had a red gift bag that they decorated so this year they wanted something different. I get this Family Fun magazine that Parents magazine puts out and in it it had this really cute idea. It was a cracker box made to look like a school locker. So we made those. They were so easy to make and they turned out really cute! I have tons of scrapbooking stuff so the girls were able to find all kinds of things to decorate the boxes with. Oldest girlie is really into the Twilight series books and movie so she took a picture of Robert Pattinson (who plays the main character in the movie) and put it in a little frame and hung it on the inside of her "locker" door. That Robert Pattinson is a little cutie patootie!

On Wednesday i got a Valentine's card in the mail from my friend Jeff. (i dont like to say boyfriend...cuz he's not a boy). I was happy with that. It was very sweet. He loves me ya know. But then on Thursday at work they page overhead for me to come to the front desk. Im the kind of person that doesnt like attention drawn to myself so after having been paged to the front desk the long walk there is like doing a striptease. "whoo hoo Terry got something", "Yea Terry!" "Terry got something!" "woop! woop!" Arent we all adults here? Jeez. So i get my box and go back to my desk. Flowers come in boxes these days ya know. Yep. He sent me flowers! A cute rose plant in a beautiful woven basket. He loves me ya know.
Other girls got flowers that day and the place smelled lovely. Then Friday came and more names called to the front. More flowers in boxes all around. Then they call my name again. Huh? So i go back to the front desk. "Terry you got more flowers?" "Dang girl!" "Whatya get? Whatya get?" "woop! woop!". Ugh. So i get to the front desk and there is another box. I take it downstairs and its a Vermont Bear! Soo cute! Smiles on my face again! Its from Jeff. He loves me ya know.

I sent him candy and a card.
Woop Woop.

Till Later...:o)


Anonymous said...

I do indeed love you Terry!!!!! I loved getting you the rose plant and bear for Valentine's Day. And I love the candy and card that I got from you. Why do I love them so much, ya might's because they are from you my love!!!!! xoxoxo I can't wait to see you again come March 31st. Love you baby,

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Ahhhhh. I like to get Valentine cards!. We didn't do anything valentiny when we were children, Valentine,s day was for grown ups, for lovers!

sparkx said...

'I love you I do'

Anonymous said...

sevalHe got you a bear?
A real bear?

Do you have to feed it and everything?
It wont grow up and eat you will it?
Ewww, it wont do big bear plop-plops on the floor will it?

I got a gas bill for valentines day. Yep, the gas company lurrrve me :o)