Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's All In The Attire

I work in a doctor's office so our dress code is scrubs.

Everyone wear's scrubs.
The girls at the front desk. The girls at check out. The nurses. The transcriptionists. The Medical Record clerks. The Appointment girls.
And my department.
The best and most revered department of all.

The Insurance/Billing department.

I could type on here everthing that i do but it would sound like a resume.

So. Our dress code use to be really cool. It was still scrubs but we could wear whatever color or pattern we wanted. We all looked so colorful. Then about two years ago we got a new office manager. Cool guy. Into changing things for the better. But about a year ago he changed our scrub colors.
To navy blue and white. The main color being navy. So my typical attire now is a white scrub top and navy scrub bottoms with white tennis shoes. A lot of people complained but ya can't beat free and working in your jammies.

So. This week my sister has been in the hospital. The hospital has a dress code as well. Different colored scrubs for different departments. The nurses all happen to wear navy scrub bottoms and white tops.


So each day that i went to visit my sister i would get smiles from other workers who would make small chit chat. "too nice of a day to be going into work", "what floor do you work on?" I hate when people think that i'm a nurse. I's kinda cool but...I'm not a nurse.

I've worked at my current job for 12 years so it's been happening to me for years.

About 8 years ago my mother was put in a rehab center because she got all screwed up on her medication. She was on some heavy duty pain meds that she shouldnt have been on. So she was put in this rehab center to get weened off these meds. It was on our local hospital campus and they called it a mental facility.
The floor that my mother was on in this facility was locked. You would go to the floor and they would have to buzz you in.
People that they felt were a danger to themselves would wear scrubs.
Teal scrubs.
My mother didnt have to wear scrubs but some people did. I would take my lunch break and go visit her everyday.

I remember one day i went to visit her.
I spent my lunch time there and then it was time to leave. It was really easy to get turned around in there and i always got confused as to which way to go when i got off the elevator on the main floor.

As i was leaving that day i got on the elevator to go down with another couple. They were leaving as well. I struck up a conversation with them asking them which way would i go to get to the front doors when i got off the elevator. They were looking at me really strangely. I thought that very odd. I was being polite. But i kept on talking saying how i always got turned around in this place. They never really spoke to me. They told me to go right, i think. When we got off the elevator they just kind of took off. Weirdos. Some people are just so anti social.

I left the building and got in my car and started to leave.

I realized i was wearing teal scrubs!
I laughed so hard i cried!

I guess they thought i was trying to escape!

Till Later...:o)


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is absolutely too danged funny hunny!!!!! Love it. Surely must have thought you were trying to escape. LOL Reminds of one day I had to go meet a doc in the same kind of lock up, mental area you were talking about. I still even remember it was to meet Dr. Josephson. Going through those doors after being buzzed in and searching for the good Dr. for awhile made me kinda tense. Wondered if someone in there was going to attack the "outsider". I finally found the Dr. and wasn't attacked. Yay!!!! Can't wait to see you and the rest of the family at the end of this month. xoxoxo

P.S.---Ya should get to work any color scrubs ya want and they still should pay for them.

swmpgrly said...

lol great story