Sunday, March 29, 2009

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar...

Have ya ever had one of those days weeks months years?

Well i'm having one of those.

Here's an example of days weeks. The movie trailer would read: You'll laugh you'll cry you'll run like hell.

Last week my daughter got word that her step-nephew was in a bad state of health. He'd been sick for a while with some sort of cancer and the hospice nurses were there. It was going to be anytime. He's only 21. Very sweet kid. So she gets the call a couple days later that he had passed.

She now has to make plans and arrangements to go down there to the funeral. He lives in Arkansas and its about a 5 hour drive from St Louis. She gets a little money every other week from one of the kids' father's so she was depending on that to rent a car to get down there. As the week progressed several obstacles presented themselves. I call them signs. Signs that she should not go.

1. My windshield wiper on the drivers side doesnt work very well. Intermittently when it is raining and they are turned on it will fly off the side of the car and just dangle there. And there were severe thunderstorms predicted for the area she was traveling to.

2. My daughter was having an anxiety attack. Had it for three days straight. I can understand a small amount of anxiety but she only had herself to get ready. I was getting the kids' things together.Only the two oldest were going.I was making sure everything was ready.

3. She received only $10.00 of her child support. What? It was suppose to be waay more than that.

4. The boy was getting sick. He rarely gets sick.

5. My sister was getting sick. She just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago feeling great. But she was now all of a sudden not feeling well.

6. Littlest Grandgirlie was getting sick. She had a runny nose and some major coughing. Remember the last time she went out of town what had happened?

7. There was a major snow storm predicted for our area this weekend. Huh? What time of the year is it?? Predicting all around us up to 15 inches of snow. Us getting 2-5 inches when it was all said and done.

8. Her friend that knows this boy also was going to go with my daughter. This girl was able to cover all her work hours for the weekend except for two hours that were in the middle of the day. Her boss told her if she went she wouldnt have a job to come back to. Come on! Its only two hours! Weird right?

9. Then there was that weird feeling i got. I get those feelings sometimes. I usually run with them. Especially since the one time i had a weird feeling about letting my daughter go to a slumber party when she was about 10 years old. All the girls in her class were invited to it. I got a lot of grief out of that one. That is until we found out that my 10 year old niece that had went to that party had fallen off the balcony at the party and broke both of her arms.

But nothing was changing my daughters mind. She needed to go to this funeral. She borrowed some money and rented a car. I got the girls all packed. She was all packed. She just needed to get some sleep and be up by 4:30am to do the girls' hair and meet the other family member by 6:00am and follow them down.No problem.

The baby kept us all up until 2:00am because she wasnt feeling well. Meanwhile my sister is suffering in silence because she cant breath. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day and she still was having trouble breathing. The baby finally fell asleep around 2am and we all went to bed. I woke to daylight and my daughter was still home. It was 7am. She said she spoke to the family she was going to follow and they werent going because of the weather. The kids still needed to get up and get thier hair done and they needed to leave soon to get to the funeral by 2pm. After a lot of heavy thinking my daughter decided not to go and called down to Arkansas. They said maybe it was a good thing she didnt come with the girls because a bunch of the young people have been drinking and they are all acting like fools. My daughter cried all morning because she felt like she needed to be there but she wasnt going. I told her i was having one of those feelings about her going and she said she was too. Her friend that was suppose to go was having that same feeling. Meanwhile my sister is getting worse. She wants an ambulance to come get her. Instead we helped her to the car and we got to the hospital and now she is in the intensive care unit at the hospital. She is having respiratory distress. They arent sure what it is. They hear fluid on her lungs but dont know if its pneumonia. Her heart is fine. She just cant breath. And she's hungry! They have this bipap mask on her face and she cant eat anything! She cant wait for that thing to come off so she can eat!

And my house is a mess! Four kids and a daughter left alone to create havoc while i was at the hospital! One of the kids woke up and said who trashed the house? and the rest of the kids. And i have my friend Jeff coming into town in two days! Omgosh this house is a mess! And i have to go to the hospital later! What am i doing sitting here typing this story?? I have work to do!

Oh. By the way. I woke up to just a dusting of snow. I wonder what our feelings of not going was all about? Maybe it was my sister.

I hope next week is better. It should be. Jeff's coming over!

Till Later... :o)


Odd Mom Out said...

When all signs point to STAY home, then you better stay home. Very sorry to hear about the death and also about your sister in the hospital. I hope she gets to chow down soon enough. Make those kids and babies clean the place. Offer them each $5 BUT for every piece of trash or thing you have to clean up, they have to pay you part of their loot.

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of things going on.
Hope your sister gets better soon.

Are American Kit Kats like the British ones? Or have you Americanised one of our national sweets by adding mustard and pepperoni or something.

Terry said...

American Kit Kats are the same as British one's....except for the cheese. Ü

Just kiddin!!! I LOVE Kit Kat bars!!!