Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am One Challenged Individual...

Technically challenged that is.

Here's my list in no particular order:

My computer does funky things and then just shuts off. What the?
Then i have to call my friend (insert frustrated sarcasm) and embarrassingly tell him that my computer doesnt work. Again. "What ya do to it" "I dont know" "Bring it over". And then its fixed in like a day. He's a mechanic by trade. Other times I will just leave my computer off for about a month and then miraculously when i turn it on it will work! (like this last time).

My Cell phone has a janked up battery. It can be charged fully with all the bars but when i make a phone call i can barely have a 5 minute conversation before it dies on me! But then when its off it will charge itself and give me a couple bars long enough for me to text my last caller and tell them my battery died. I guess i could get another battery but that costs money.

My digital camera is ok i guess. Its an expensive camera but i cant figure out all the gadgety settings. Its pretty self explanatory but like i said...challenged. Right now i have a ton of pics on there but i cant find my cord to download them on the computer. I know its around here somewhere. I put it on top of my dresser but its gone now. Those rascally kids!

And which way is it again that i face the letterhead when i put it in the printer to print a letter? Dang. Wrong again.

And why is it that whenever i go to the coffee machine at work that the French Vanilla Cappuccino stuff is out and i have to fill it? Who's got the key again?

And why is it that when i go to the soda fountain at work (Yeah. We have fountain soda at work and its free! Woohoo Doctormans!) is the Diet Coke ALWAYS out and i have to change it? I dont even like Diet Coke!

(This is becoming a bitch session)

I cant even figure out the defrost in my car. Is it cold outside heat inside blowing? Or is it cold outside and cold blowing? Or do i just roll down my window?? I get the defrost to work for me but i think its just stupid luck.

And speaking of luck....does anyone have a four leaf clover? It is Friday the 13th ya know! Thats two in two months! Eeeek!

Till Later...:o)

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Anonymous said...

Oh do I so hear ya when it comes to technically challenged. I have a little knowledge here and there at times, but surely not as much as I wish I did and surely not as much as some other brain-iac computer type people. I am still on dial up, as ya know hunny and lately my 56k modem has been getting me online at a slow 19,200 bps. It used to get me on at about 48,000. When it comes to dial up, that extra 28k seems to be so huge when it comes to loading websites. Tonight I managed to log in and it was at 24,000 bps. That's progress I guess. I am not even close to sure about how to get my decent dial up speed back. Perhaps opening up the CPU and giving it a real good cleaning might help. Who knows. LOL Not me.

As for your weird cell phone/battery or whatever is the problem with it, I know we'll get something done about that when I get there because I love more than 5 minute conversations with you. :) Can't wait til the 31st!!!!! Woohoo!!!! xoxoxo

I didn't know about the digital camera issue and we'll look into that too. And this back to back months with Friday the 13th's is quite weird huh? I believe tonight is also a full moon. Got any black cats crossing yer path lately? LOL Well......I do know ya got some doves. Love ya hunny and love you stories. Can't wait to see you!!!! xoxoxo Jeffy