Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Is it just me or does everyone have tons of crap saved to thier favorites?

Today i decided it was time to get rid of some of the useless stuff i have saved in my favorites. I knew there was a lot of stuff but i didnt realize just how much stuff ( aka crap ) that i have saved in there.
What the hell? That recipe sounds kinda gross.
Or how about this WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - WHITE & NERDY LYRICS. The title describes me to a T.
Or this one The Official Leif Garrett Website. Yes. I was in love with the now balding ex actor ex musician (?). I'd still date him if he asked me.

Same thing with these guys Unofficial Absolute Bay City Rollers website. I was in love with Woody. At the age of 14 when my dad asked me who my favorite was and i showed him a picture he said "He's a pretty boy isnt he." I didnt get it till years later.
Then there was this
I bought HP Sauce and Marmite once at a World Market in my area. The HP sauce was ok but the Marmite looked like tar and tasted really salty. Yuk!
How bout this one...Paul Revere's Ride
Then there are the GAZILLION AOL journal links i have in my favorites that link me to nowhere.
I use to analyze dreams...Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary
And i use to look for George Where's George? ® 2.2
And what the heck??Gift Idea: sendapantygram.com
I remember this...Magic Roundabout
Everyone needs a good Halloween Trick or Treating joke..Kids' riddles - Halloween jokes - Online spooky games and crafts - Kaboose.com
I will never live or visit one of these in my life...Castles of Britain
We always need to know this..General Theory of Relativity
Interested in some daily news? Home - LA Daily News
I need to delete all that stuff but i really doubt i'll get around to it. I'm exhausted now just from going thru it all!
Maybe i'll just make myself a drink and order some small clothing items online.
Till Later...Ü


Anonymous said...

Marmite heathen!

Terry said...

Marmite Eater!

Anonymous said...

Wow........this topic is so spot on hunny!!!! I need to get rid of all the crap I have on the favs list. I ain't done that in soooo long. I believe that LA Daily News one that you have must have been from some article I sent ya many, many moons ago. LOL Love ya hunny!!!! xoxoxo Jeffy :)