Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ex Has Three Ex's

Now if they all lived in Texas we might have a song.

If any of you read my old AOL blog you might remember a couple years back when my exhusband got remarried. He married this gal he had been seeing for a while and she seemed really nice. She got along with everyone including me, the ex wife. They got married and had a Harley wedding. Remember now? Everyone was to come dressed in Harley Davidson attire. They even invited me. I didnt go.

Well...about a month ago. The same day my sister died to be exact, she left him. Didnt tell him though. Just up and left. And took 9 grand with her. He didnt even know she left until she didnt show up to work. He owns a business and she works for him. He tried to reach her on the phone but she wouldnt answer. Finally she talked to him and told her she wasnt coming back. She left Illinois and ended up in Mississippi. She called him one night and told him that she was all alone on the beach and she was lonely. She was trying to make him feel bad. WTF? Of course i get all this info from my daughter who he now confides everything in. According to his soon to be ex wife's daughters she does this every five years. Hooks up with a guy with a little bit of loot, stays with them for about five years and then splits. He said he wished someone would have told him that five years ago.

His ex wives irritate me. I mean come on! Wife #2 got the house and a car and a boat outta the divorce. Wife #3 got everything she ever wanted when she was married to him. And wife #1 (me) didnt get shit. I got a housefull of used hand me down furniture and $35.00 a week child support. I paid for everything else that my kid needed. He couldnt even help her with a car these past few years when he knew i had one vehicle and we were trying to transport 7 people around.
But i digress.
I kinda feel sorry for him.
Poor guy.
He just cant find the right woman.

Till Later..

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Anonymous said...

If I was him, I'd hire the Ateam to find her, pin her to the ground and then let B.A sit on her head and do a big stinky B.A blow off!