Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hah Ree Pottah..

I took my oldest Granddaughter to see the new Harry Potter movie last night.
I bought my tickets online and it was a good thing because by the time we got to the theater the movie was sold out.
If you are a Harry Potter fan you may want to stop reading. If you arent a Harry Potter fan you probably wont even care. But i gotta say..the movie was just ok for me.

This is the 6th Harry Potter movie from the 6th Harry Potter book and i have to say they really veered from the book. I have always bragged about how these movies really stick to the book but this one just left out a lot of crucial characters and story lines and added a bunch of stuff and moved things around choronologically.

They burned down the Weasley's house! What the heck was that all about? That wasnt even in the book. It seemed to me that they focused a lot on the adolescent romance than anything else. All kinds of "snogging" going on.

My 11 year old granddaughter has all of a sudden become boy crazy.
Every time Rupert Grint came on the screen she would say "oh my God he is so hot".

Oh My God my granddaughter is attracted to red haired English men!

It must be the accent. Gets us American girls everytime!

Till Later...; )

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