Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day.

I woke up this morning at 4:30 a.m. so i could get to the polls early The news was telling everyone that the lines would be long. They werent kidding! We got to our polling station about 5:30 and the line was already wrapped around the building! By the time my daughter and i got into the building and actually voted and were leaving the building, it was almost 7:00 am!
The polls are just about to close here in Missouri and the lines are still long at some polling stations. They say as long as you are in line at 7:00pm you are entitled to vote.
I remember the last presidential election. My oldest Granddaughter was 6 years old and she went with me to vote. When it came my turn to go up and vote a woman with a camera from the St Louis Post Dispatch asked me if she could take my picture as i voted. I told her that would be fine. So i went to the poll and started casting my vote. Grandgirlie stood there and watched. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Grandgirlie wasstarting to pose for the camera. She gave the lady a thumbs up. She winked at her. She gave her two thumbs up and on and on. Finally i was finished voting and placed my ballot in the box then the woman asked me some questions and then we left. The next morning our picture was in the paper. It was a really nice picture showing me voting (but not revealing my ballot) and Grandgirlie looking at my ballot very intensly. The caption read, "Fox brought her Granddaughter to the ballots so she could see how the real thing worked". I am sooo quotable!
Remembering this story today made me think of something. My oldest Grandgirlie is 10 now. In four years, at the next presidential election she will be 14. The next presidential election after that she will be 18 and able to vote. I hope that by example she will understand how important one vote can be.
My father always told me, Never discuss Politics or your salary. It always causes arguments.
I will really be disapointed in this country if they do not elect the right man for this job. A wise citizen of this great country we live in would look at the last eight years and know that we need change.
I cant wait to find out the results!
Till Later....

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Delores Getmeslippers said...

Congratulations on the magnificent result following the election. By the way your grandchildren look a bundle of fun! It must be lovely being a young grandma.