Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just had the freakiest dream.
I have to write it down or i'm gonna forget it.

It was night time and i was at home. It sorta looked like my house that i live in now but then again it didnt. You know how dreams are but i knew in my dream that it was my house, So.. I told myself that i needed to go outside and look at something. When i went outside i didnt have a porch. I just had like three concrete steps that would get me out of my house. When i came out of my house i was like on a roof somewhere. I started to walk towards the edge because i needed to check something out. I walked across this area that was full of buttons and light bulbs and things that would be on a roof that you arent suppose to walk thru. I get to the edge and look over onto the city. The city was dark and quiet and creepy looking. It reminded me of Gotham City. Just ominous and looking like trouble. So i made my way back to my house and when i get to my steps i notice that there are two people sitting there. I cant make out one person but the other person is a woman who looks like she was crying. I walked passed them and into my house. When i get in there everyone is sleeping except for my mom (she passed away two years ago). I whisper to her, "Mom, we have got to move out of here as soon as we can!" She then tells me ok but right now she is gathering up and organizing some pictures so that i have them when she leaves. I start to think about her plants and the ones that i havent killed and i think to myself that i need to water the gardenia plant or maybe put a bag over it so she doesnt see that its dying. Then i notice other people milling around the inside of the house. I cant really remember who they were but i remember thinking they were some of my exhusbands family. They were moving around the kitchen. Next thing i know me and my daughter are in my backyard. It looks like my backyard but it isnt my deck but instead its a stair case sideways leading up to my back door. Its still dark and the porch light is on but my daughter and i are in some sort of little vehicle. Its little enough to fit up these steps. I am sitting in front driving it but i am facing backwards and my daughter is in the back facing me. I know i have to drive this thing up the back steps and thru the back door. I start to drive it up the back steps but realize that its not going to fit in the back door. My daughter tells me its not going to fit and we are going to have to go back down the back steps. I tell her to hang on and we go baboom baboom baboom down the steps. I ask what kind of vehicle this is and my daughter tells me its an ambulance. (it didnt look like an ambulance). So i maneuver this thing thru mud in my backyard and try to fit it thru the side gate but just then someone comes thru the door. He looked like some actor that i cant remember and he walks straight over to my back gate which is way wider than the side gate. He talks to my daughter and im not really sure what they were talking about and then leaves back out the side gate. Its daylight now and in my mind i am thinking that all these people at my house are getting ready to leave to go camping and that my daughter and i must be doing that too. I asked this actor guy if everyone has left and he says no. My daughter tells me that this vehicle we are in will not fit thru the side gate that we need to take it thru the back gate and down the alley because she says that is how she brought it in. So before we do that i go to the back door to make sure that it is locked. The bottom lock is locked but the top lock isnt. I realize the dog is outside so i let her in. I then try to lock both locks with my key but the top lock wont lock so i ask my ex husbands mom, who is dressed in her nightgown and robe, (and who died several years ago) to help me lock the top lock. She smiles at me and locks it. Then i get back in this vehicle thing and realize that it looks like my grandsons big yellow dump truck but bigger. I start to take off and realize that my daughter is sunbathing in the back of this dump truck wearing a red polka dotted bikini.

Then my phone rang and i woke up.

What a weird dream! I remember that i had a weird dream earlier and had woken up but i dont even remember that one. I like to analize my dreams but that one exhausted me just remembering it! Later i'll look at it again and maybe analize it again. I told my daughter about this dream and she just laughed and laughed. She said it sounded like a stress dream. She's probably right!

Till Later...

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Delores Getmeslippers said...

Definitely a dream relating to your current stress, nothing more.