Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Update..

My daughter called me earlier at about 2:30 am to tell me that her and the baby have made it to the hospital here in St Louis.

She called me back about 2 hours later to tell me that they have the baby admitted and they have her in the ICU. She said they have her hooked up to all kinds of things. Having her in the ICU scares me. One good thing is that there is one nurse per child. The doctor told my daughter that when babies are sick like this they put them in the Intensive Care Unit to keep a really good eye on them.She said it's because there is a possibility that when a baby falls asleep being this sick that they could stop breathing,

I am so glad they are back home in a really good hospital.

I know i only have 7 followers but if you read my blog...please say a prayer for my little Sugar Sweet Hunny Gurl.

Till Later...


Sara said...

Just now catching up with you m'dear... what an awful time you're all having. Hopes and prayers that your Grandaughter is well again soon.

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Will do Terry. Hope that your next news is good news. xxx