Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Update...

I'm not really sure where to start.
Since my last posting a lot has happened.

Lets start with my car and the kids.

My ex husband got up yesterday and couldnt find the key to my car. If you remember, in my daughters rush to pack up the car, she lost her car key. The key to my car. The only car we have that she took to her dad's for Thanksgiving. He lives two hours away from me. Because the baby got sick and was sent by ambulance to a hospital back home in St Louis, my car and my grandkids were stuck at my ex husbands house. So he couldnt find the key. Lucky for us i have the backseats that pull down in my car so one of my granddaughters were able to get in the trunk and pull the little lever and pop open the trunk. They dug through my trunk and all the things in it and found the key in a tennis shoe. His wife drove my car and my grandkids home and someone followed in another car to take her back home. They were nice to me when they dropped them off but according to my daughter and my grandkids they were complaing and acting as if the whole incident was a big inconvenience to them. My ex can be a real jerk sometimes but that's another story for another time.

Now on to my little hunny gurl.

I went up and seen her in the hospital yesterday. She looks so pitiful that i just want to cry. They had to intubate her (put a tube down her throat into her lungs) and they have a feeding tube in her nose down into her stomach. She has a montior on one foot and some sort of cuff on the other. She has an IV in both her hands that are on boards with tape wrapped around them to keep her hands straight. She has this big tube laying acrossed her chest and has little pads stuck to her chest. She is hooked up to two monitors and has several bags of fluid dripping into her from her IV. They have her sedated so that she doesnt mess with any of this but they have her little hands restrained, strapped down to the bed.

When they were putting the tube down her throat she tried to bite them. lol. She's a little fighter that one is! Our family pediatrician came in and she was awake. She tried to wave to him in her little baby way even though her hands were strapped down.

While i was there the sedation medication started to wear off while they were suctioning out her lungs and just adjusting all the tubing. She kicked and she pulled her arms and she just tried to get out of that position. She likes to sleep on her side and they have her on her back. She looks comfortable when she is sleeping but i know she would prefer tobe on her side. I rubbed her hair and her her feet and sang "High Hopes" and "Ive Been Working on the Railroad" to her. It seemed to calm her down. Oldest Grandgirlie came with me and she sang songs to her too.

The nurses were all very nice and thoughtful. I felt that i was in the way when i was rubbing girlie's hair but they told me that i wasnt, that they wanted the baby to be comforted. Then right before we were leaving last night the nursing shift changed. A nurse came in and she was very nice but she was hard to understand because she talked really low and through her teeth. She never seemed to open her teeth when she talked!
As i was standing there rubbing baby girls feet and hair she started speaking to me. I could barely understand what she was saying. She was saying it with a smile but i just couldnt hear her. She said it to me again a little louder but still with a smile. This nurse told me that she didnt want anyone touching the baby unless she was aggitated and needed comforting. She said that they want her to stay calm and if everyone was touching her that wasnt going to happen. She told me that i needed to tell that to everyone that came to see her. Um. Ok.

So when my daughter came back into the room and the nurse left my daughter asked me if something happened because i looked a little aggrivated. I told her what the nurse said. I told her i understood what the nurse wanted and that she just wanted what was best for the baby but i was still going to touch the baby. My daughter said she agreed. She figured it was just that nurses style.

So as i was leaving i went over to baby girl and started rubbing her hair and her feet and i told her i loved her. As i leaned over the bed a buzzer went off. Apparently when you touch the bed this happens. The nurse came in and smiled and mumbled something to me thru her teeth. So I said to her...

"I didnt quite understand what you just said but i'm sure you were telling me not to touch her". Then i smiled.

She smiled back at me and said, "You touched the bed and made it beep".

Then we laughed and she patted my back.

Dont touch me.

Till Later...


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Poor little baby girl. She is having a tough time. You all are having a tough time but it is so good that the car thing is sorted and you have the other children home and can get to the hospital easily. Sounds like she is getting good treatment and hopefully you will see some improvement in the next 24 hours. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. xx

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have to have words with the nurse or put in a complaint about her mumbling ways.

Its good that she is getting the best treatment now...sounds like the hospital in your ex's town would probably have called for the local witch doctor or shamen!


Odd Mom Out said...

That poor little peanut. She'll pull thru it and be stronger for it. (((HUGS)))