Friday, November 21, 2008

Sticker Shock..

The picture below is what i paid for gas this morning.

The picture below is what gas was at the same gas station on my way home from work tonight.Can you see that it says $1.49??? You all may be bored with my obsession with gas prices but i am just sooo tickled that the prices just keep falling. If gas gets to be under $1.00 i'm gonna celebrate by doing something wild and crazy! Any suggestions??

I wrote the entry below in my AOL Journal on 8/20/2005. This past Summer i reminded everyone of this entry but that was when gas prices were almost $4.00 a gallon.


What is up with gas prices these day?

Ya know, I dont claim to be an expert on that whole oil embargo, Department of Energy, Cost per barrel mumbo jumbo. I couldnt talk my way out of a paper bag with it. I just dont get it. Whatever happened to the days when you could say "fillerup" and then hand the guy a ten dollar bill?

I remember when gas was .43 cents a gallon. I also remember back in the '70s when you were limited to 5 bucks worth of gas. Those were the good ol' days.

Now, i'm searching for gas less than $2.55 a gallon. Dang! Just typing that irritates me! A year ago i was having a fit having to pay $1.73! I told myself then, if i had to pay over 2 bucks a gallon i was gonna shoot my car and take public transportation.

I dont like buses.

My car got a reprieve but my pocketbook didnt. I can not believe i am actually paying over 2 and a half dollars for gas! That is just ridiculous! I know that my friend in Cali will tell me that he pays over 3 bucks a gallon already. live in LA! All the movie stars live there and they can afford to put 60 dollars in the gas tank every other day! I'm small town America! Idontwannapaythatmuchforgas! I need a bicycle. Yeah thats it. No wait. It rains. Then there is snow. Jeez. These oil companies really got us by the~ ahem~ throats.

Hey, at least im not the guy in the Hummer that passes me everday on my way to work. No...i'm just the one that, in the 100 degree heatwave has all her windows down at 7am in the morning on her way to work cuz she doesnt wanna use up all her gas on air conditioning.

Man...that stinks.

Till Later...


Lippy said...

I am entirely happy to see that there is one industry having its profits cut into. If gas gets below I dollar, I may head out on a national tour!

I get the feeling, though, that we better enjoy this while it lasts, don't you?

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Posts missing? Hope everything is ok now.