Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was a little sad last night. In fact i had a good cry. My daughter and my grandkids left last night to visit my daughter's dad for Thanksgiving today. That meant that they wouldnt be here with me on Thanksgiving.

I knew about this for a while. It was his turn in his family to have the Thanksgiving dinner so his whole family was going to his house for the holiday. He owns a bowling alley so he was having this big shin dig there. Dinner and bowling and kareoke. He lives about 2 hours away so my daughter and the kids were going to go up there last night so that my daughter wasnt too tired from driving and she could enjoy the day. My sister and i were going to go to my brother's house for dinner with him and his kids and kids-in-law and all his grandkids. My sister and i opted for a quiet day at home. I never have a quiet day at home so this was a nice opportunity to cook some turkey and have all the fixings and just lay around all day watching TV and doing nothing.

But when they left last night i cried. I miss those crazy kids when they are gone. Littlest grandgirlie wasnt feeling well. She had a runny nose that we thought was just a cold brought on by some major teething. A couple weeks ago we took her to the doctor and they had to give her a breathing treatment of albuteral. Her older sister has asthma. I had asthma as a kid. Now little girlie is showing all the signs of the same thing. So after her last incident they sent her home with a nebulizer and we picked up some medicine so that we could give her a treatment at home whenever she needed it.

Yesterday we decided that since she had a little cold that it would be a great idea to bring that nebulizer and the medicine incase she needed a breathing treatment. But we couldnt find the medicine. We searched the house up one side and down the other and we still couldnt find it. My daughter said that if she needed a treatment she would call the doctors exchange and have them call in a prescription.

Well she needed a breathing treatment and the pharmacy in the small little hicktown he lives in was closed. So she took her to the emergency room at this little town hospital.

Thats where they are at now. They checked her breathing and it was at an 85. It should be at 100. They put her on oxygen and hooked her up to an I.V. and then took a chest xray. Then they drew some blood. They came back and said that she has pneumonia in one lung and they are going to admit her for observation overnight.

I feel totally helpless.

My daughter depends on me for support. Because i work in a doctors office my daughter depends on me when it comes to the childrens health. I wish they were home. I wish she was at a Children's Hospital and not some small town place. I told her if she didnt feel comfortable there that she should request that they transport the baby to St Louis to a childrens hospital. I asked her if it was just for observation and she said yes. I asked her if she felt comfortable with the baby being there and she said yes. So they are staying.

I could hear babygirl in the background. She sounded miserable. I cant believe how quickly it came on her. The nurse told my daughter that the same thing happened to her daughter. She put her down for a nap and when she woke up she was very ill.

I'm praying for her tonight.
I cant wait for them to come home.

Till Later...

P.S. I found her medicine. Someone had put it in the refrigerator!

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