Friday, November 28, 2008


Since my last posting my daughter called me upset.

She said her dad's wife went up to the hospital to sit with the baby while my daughter went back to the house to get some clothes and pack up the car. While she was at the house her dad's wife called from the hospital to say that they were going to transport the baby to another hospital because she was getting worse and this hospital did not have a Pediatrician on staff.

What kind of a hospital does not have a pediatrician on staff?!?!?!?!

They told her that they were going to send her to a hospital in Springfield Illinois, an hour away north of where she is or to a hospital in St Louis 2 hours south from where she is. As my daughter was rushing to get the things in the car her car key fell off her key ring. And now she cant find it. She doesnt know if it fell on the ground or if it fell in the trunk. And the trunk is closed and the trunk pop is broke. She borrwed her Dads truck to get back to the hospital and she called me on her way back. I could barely understand what she was saying because she was talking fast and crying. I told her to calm down and get back to the hospital and i will talk to her dad. I call him and he tells me that he doesnt know WHAT is going on. He says that they will have to look for the car key in the morning when there is more light. He started to get an attitude with me and i told him that all i'm concerned about is that the baby is ok and how my car and my other grandchildren are going to get home. He tells me that they will get my car and kids home by morning.

So just now my daughter calls. She is in the ambulance and they are on thier way back to St Louis to a hospital here. I am glad they are bringing the baby back here to St Louis. I'm a little bothered that my other grandchildren and my car are still at my ex-husbands house. I need to have my kids home. I worry about them when they arent home.

I have a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Till Later..


Delores Getmeslippers said...

I am so sorry to hear of your little granddaughter's illness. You must be sick with worry but she is in the hospital and that is the best place for her now. You are such a lovely Mum and Grandma. Thinking of you and hope that things start to get better really soon.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I hope the little one gets better quickly.