Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I turned 50 yesterday. Im not liking it much. I know its just a number but these numbers just keep getting higher and higher. What once was my list of goals has now become my bucket list. I guess i was too busy living life that life just kinda slipped by. Where did the time go? Sometimes i wish i had that special someone. Someone that thinks im the cats pajamas. Someone who cant wait to see me and is excited to know me. Someone who thinks about me and cant live without me. But who am i kidding?! My life is not boring thats for sure. With four grandkids growing like weeds how can it not be? Fifty is just a number. Lonely is just a word. I'll be better tomorrow. till Later...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I've never seen a cat in pajamas.
I've seen a dog wearing a suit and a man dressed as a giraffe but no cats in pajamas.
You must live in a strange part of the world :o)

Terry said...

Stranger than you know , my friend! ;)